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What Is A SportFish Boat?

what is a sportfishing boat

Sport fishing boats or Sportfishing Yachts, also known as sport fishers or sportfish, are specially designed for offshore fishing adventures. With sleek lines, spacious decks and powerful engines, these boats are built for speed, comfort and battling big game fish.

What Type of Boat is a SportFishing Yacht?

Sportfishing yachts are purpose-built boats designed for recreational fishing trips and tournaments out on the bluewater. These specialized fishing machines have significant bow flare and hulls molded from fiberglass, wood, or carbon fiber, along with decks and flybridges set up by builders like Jarrett Bay and Huckins to catch trophy fish. 

A few common features of a sport fishing yacht are:

  • A long foredeck for fighting fish.
  • A tuna tower, flybridge, or bridge for spotting fish.
  • A cockpit with fishing chairs and rocket launchers.
  • A convertible cabin layout with sleeping space.
  • Powerful diesel engines and transoms designed for speed.

The Different Types of Sportfishing Boats

There are several different types of Sport Fishing Boats you will see on the water:

What is a sportfishing boat Worth?

Prices for a sport fishing boat range from around $200,000 to over $5 million for larger custom sportfish yachts.

How Fast Does a Sport Fishing Boat Go?

When it comes to speed, sport fishing boats are somewhere in between a motor yacht and a large center consoles. Here are some top speeds:

Boat TypeTop Speed
Older sportfish boat25-32 mph
Average models33-39 mph
Newer fast boats40-47+ mph

The Best and Most Popular Sportfishing Boat Brands

Although we could argue that almost all sportfishing boat brands are popular among anglers, there are a few that stand out as the best among sportfishing boats:

  • Bayliss: A custom boat builder from N.C., a Bayliss is one of the most expensive, custom, and rare boats you can find. In fact, they are so prized by fishermen that you will never see one for sale used because they are sold at a premium without any need for advertising.
  • Viking: Viking is a production boat, which means they are made from molds rather than from the ground up. That being said, their quality is extremely high and Viking Sportfishing Boats are probably THE most commonly found boat fishing around the world.
  • Spencer: Spencer Custom Yachts (also from N.C.) are right there with Bayliss as a sportfish that is in high demand and well known for their craftsmanship.

Key Features of a Sport Fishing Boat

Here are some must-have features for serious sportfishing:

  • Tuna Tower – Gives captain visibility to spot fish.
  • Powerful Engines – Offer speed to outrun fish and weather. Twin diesel inboards are common.
  • Cockpit – The business end with chair fishing positions.
  • Rod Holders – Rocket launchers and rod holders keep rods secure.
  • Livewells – Keep bait fish alive and ready for action.
  • Game Chair – Fighting chair with a fishing harness.
  • Teaser Reels – Pull lures to attract pelagic gamefish.
  • Fish Boxes – Keep the catch cold and fresh.
  • Bait Prep – A bait station to ready baits.
  • Outriggers – Position baits away from the boat.

Where To Buy A Sportfishing Boat

Most sportfishing boats are bought and sold through using a broker, however, there are several websites where licensed brokers offer a selection of used sport fishing boats, and they are:


When it comes to sportfishing boats, quality construction, seaworthiness, speed and an open layout make them ideal for battling marlin, tuna and other offshore trophy fish. They allow anglers to venture farther offshore in comfort and safely return with an epic catch.

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