What Is A Sport Fishing Boat?

What Is A Sportfishing Boat

The simplest way we can describe a Sport Fish is a Boat designed for Offshore fishing that will have the following characteristics:

  • Long Foredeck
  • Rear set House 
  • flybridge set above the house
  • A Cockpit located in the stern of the boat
  • A Chair or Rocket Launcher Fixed to the Deck of the Cockpit

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How Fast Do Sportfishing Boats Go?

The Fastest Sport Fishing Boat In The World (That we are aware of) can reach Speeds of 55 knots; however, most Sportfishers generally have speeds within the ranges below:

Boat TypeTop Speed (knots)Cruise Speed (knots)
Fast Sport Fishing Boats40-4734-40
Average Sport Fishing Boats33-3928-33
Older Sport Fishing Boats25-3216-24

As you learn more about the various sportfishing boat brands, you will notice the builders that build for speed and those who have owners that prefer comfort and Range.

What is the fastest Sport Fisher?

The fastest Sport Fishing Boat to date is the “Full throttle”, a 64ft Express built by F&S that can hit a top speed of 51.7 Knots.

Pictures of Sportfishing Boats

Is a Sportfisher a Yacht?

Yes, it is possible for a sportfisher to be considered a yacht, but most sportfishers are still considered fishing boats by those who own and use them, as well as industry professionals.  Allow me to explain in more detail below:

The word “Yacht” is often reserved for a very large and very luxurious vessel that is exclusively used for leisure rather than fishing.

In the past, there were very noticeable differences between the size and luxuriousness of most Yachts and Sportfishing boats; thus, they were very easy to differentiate.

However, in the past 20-30 years, the gap in size and luxury between the two types of boats has shrunk dramatically as modern sportfish owners tend to use their boats for routine family trips as much as they do serious offshore fishing.

It is because of this shrinking gap that the average person tends to think these two types of boats fall into the same category even though both the boats and their owners are still very different.

Sportfishing Boats With and Without a Tower

One of the most significant differences to spot when you see a Sport Fishing Yacht is going to be whether it has a Tuna Tower or not.  Below are two sport fishers where you can clearly see the difference between the two boats:

photo of a convertible sportfish

Where to Buy Sportfishing Boats?

Currently, the best website to buy or sell a Sportfishing Boat is Sportfishtrader.com. Sportfishtrader specializes only in Fishing Boats, which makes navigation very easy when compared to other boat-buying websites.

What’s the difference between a convertible and a sportfish

What Is A Sportfishing Boat Sportfish 1

As of 2023, there actually is no difference between a Convertible and a Sportfish; they are both boats built with an aft bulkhead that offers their owners a fully enclosed salon.

That being said, there is a history to the proper definition of what makes a Convertible Boat a Convertible Boat. We have written a great article about the subject if you’re a history buff.


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