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The Top 3 Boat History Report Websites Reviewed

The Top 3 Boat History Report Websites Reviewed

With multiple boat history report services to choose from, it can be hard to know which is best.

So, I decided to do some research and create this guide for Boat Alert History Report, Boat History Report, and Boatfax based on critical factors like price, report accuracy, and ease of use to help you make an informed decision on which report might be the best investment for you.

While no service is perfect, analyzing the pros and cons of each can get you started on the right foot before you buy.

Boat Alert History Report

boat alert history report review
boat alert history report review


  • Comprehensive reports that check over 68 databases for accident history, theft, liens, etc.
  • Affordable pricing at $19.99 for one report or $39.99 for 10 reports
  • Provides reports quickly and easily online
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • As a newer company, limited customer reviews are available
  • Some information, like maintenance records, may not be available

Boat History Report

boat history report website review
Boat history report website review


  • Partners with the National Insurance Crime Bureau for accurate insurance/accident data
  • Comprehensive reports include accident history, ownership, seizures, groundings, etc.
  • Bundle pricing available – $99.99 for 6 reports
  • Immediate online delivery of reports


  • Only can view reports online for 60 days unless downloaded
  • Some information, like maintenance records, may be unavailable
  • Single report at $59.99 is more expensive than competitors


boatfax boat history reports review
Boatfax boat history reports review


  • An established company known for searching international databases
  • Variety of services like theft protection and Instant boat valuation
  • Basic report starts at $20 which is very affordable


  • A comprehensive report with all add-ons costs $34, which is pricier
  • Some users report accident history can be incomplete
  • Geographical limitation: Boatfax is a United Kingdom-based company, meaning that it is more suitable if you are buying a boat not from Canada or the USA

My Final Thoughts

In summary, each service has strengths and weaknesses.

Boat Alert and Boat History Report tend to provide more comprehensive reports, while Boatfax offers a range of services but may lack some details.

Considering your specific needs can help determine the best option, although considering the cost of boats these days, it’s not crazy to spend the money on more than one report.

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