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Steve Momot

  • Steve is a highly skilled professional photographer with a deep passion for capturing breathtaking moments in the Yacht and Boating industry.
  • His expertise and keen eye are evident in his captivating work along the beautiful east coast of South Florida and the mesmerizing Florida Keys.
  • Through his global exploration, Steve has had the opportunity to learn from a diverse array of professional fishermen, further enhancing his understanding of the industry.
  • As the original creator and co-founder of Sportfishtrader, Steve has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial prowess, revolutionizing the industry with a dynamic platform for enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Prior to his career in marine photography, Steve gained valuable experience as a licensed boat and car dealer in South Florida, giving him a comprehensive perspective on the industry.
  • Steve’s commitment to excellence is evident in his consistent delivery of high-quality work, driven by his passion for the Marine industry.
  • He aims to provide an enriching experience for his audience through his captivating photographs and engaging storytelling.
  • Steve’s reputation as a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration in the Yacht and Boating industry is well-established, thanks to his remarkable journey and innate marketing acumen.
  • His contributions as an influencer and co-founder of Sportfishtrader have made a lasting impact, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the industry.
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