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How Long Is Yachting Season

How Long Is Yachting Season

The main yachting season typically lasts about 6 months. However, within that broader season, there are peak periods that are much shorter:

  • Summer yachting season runs from April/May through October in places like the Mediterranean. The peak period is July-August.
  • Winter yachting season is November through April in destinations like the Caribbean. Peak months are December-February.
  • Shoulder seasons are typically April-May and September-October during summer. November and March-April are shoulder seasons for winter charters.

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Length of Summer Yachting Season

  • The summer yachting season in the Mediterranean Sea starts in late April and runs through mid September.
  • Peak season when demand is highest is July and August. During peak season, prices can be 10% higher.
  • In locations like New England, the summer season is shorter from mid June to mid August. Peak demand is mid July to mid August.
  • The French Riviera summer season starts a bit later in mid-May through September. Popular events like the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix occur during the French Riviera summer charter season.
  • Italy’s charter season runs from May through October, offering beautiful islands and coastal destinations to explore.

Length of Winter Yachting Season

  • The winter yachting season in the Caribbean runs from late October through March.
  • Peak demand is late December through March, overlapping with the Christmas holidays.
  • Shoulder seasons in November and mid December offer lower prices.
  • Other popular winter charter destinations like Thailand, Tahiti, and Seychelles have a similar charter season timeline as the Caribbean.
  • The Caribbean offers steady breezes perfect for sailing charters and warm temperatures in the 70s-80s degrees Fahrenheit.

Popular Summer and Winter Destinations

Top Summer Yacht Charters

  • French Riviera (Cannes, Monaco, Corsica)
  • Italy (Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera)
  • Croatia and the Dalmatian Islands
  • Greece
  • Spain’s Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca)
  • New England (Maine, Rhode Island, Martha’s Vineyard)

Top Winter Yacht Charters

  • Virgin Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Tahiti
  • Thailand
  • Caribbean Islands
Summer Yacht ChartersWinter Yacht Charters
French RivieraVirgin Islands
CroatiaTurks and Caicos
Spain’s Balearic IslandsThailand
New EnglandCaribbean Islands

Booking Tips

  • Book 10 months in advance for peak seasons to get your top choice of yacht and destination
  • 3-6 months ahead for off-season charters
  • Avoid booking just 1-2 weeks before your charter start date
  • Work with a yacht broker for availability and recommendations

Year Round Destinations

Some destinations like Florida and the Bahamas offer yacht charters year round.

Miami, Florida Keys, Nassau and the Exumas are popular options. Just be mindful of hurricane season from June-November.

Length of Individual Charters

  • Most yacht charters range from 1 week to 10 days on average
  • Some charters last several weeks to a month or more
  • Minimum charter length is usually 2-4 days
Charter LengthExample
1 week7 days
10 days10 days
Several weeks2-3 weeks
1 month30 days
Minimum2-4 days


While the broader yachting season is ~6 months, peak demand spans just 2-3 months. Booking early ensures best availability and pricing. Work with a broker for the ideal yacht and destination.

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