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What Is A Convertible Boat

what is a convertible boat

A Convertible Boat (Or Convertible Yacht) refers to a boat that can be built in two different ways:

  • With an aft bulkhead and an enclosed salon
  • Without an aft bulkhead and an open salon

What is a Convertible Sportfish

photo of a convertible sportfish

A modern Convertible Sportfish is almost always a boat that has been built with an aft bulkhead that has a fully enclosed salon.

In fact, as of 2023, they might only be boats built with an aft bulkhead. If you know of any that aren’t, feel free to comment below so we can generate a list for this article.

The History of the Term: “Convertible” Sportfish

the history of the convertible sportfish

The term “Convertible Boat” comes from early production boat builders like Chris Craft and Egg Harbor, who initially offered flybridge/cockpit models with or without the aft salon bulkhead.

Sportfish models had no aft bulkheads and minimal creature comforts in an open salon format, while sedan models had aft bulkheads and additional comforts in a fully enclosed salon.

Eventually, builders like Hatteras began building all their boats with aft bulkheads and marketing them as “Convertible,” with the type of boat (sportfisher or sedan) determined by how it’s outfitted.

So, what makes a convertible boat so special

It’s all about versatility. A convertible boat typically has:

  • A spacious cockpit for fishing or entertaining
  • A flybridge located above a rear bulkhead
  • A comfortable Salon with a galley and access to sleeping quarters

These boats come in various sizes and can be powered by either inboard or outboard engines, although outboards are very rare for a convertible boat.

Some models even come with a fishing tower, outriggers, and other fishing equipment, making them an excellent choice for avid offshore anglers. The flybridge provides additional space for guests and allows for greater visibility while navigating. This makes a convertible boat the perfect balance between a fishing yacht and a yacht made for leisure activities.

The most common convertible yacht-style you will find at many marinas is a cabin boat with a flybridge.


In summary, a convertible boat is a versatile vessel that balances between a fishing yacht and a yacht made for leisure activities. With a convertible boat, you can fish, cruise, or simply relax on the water. Whether you’re a novice boater or an experienced one, a convertible boat can provide the flexibility and comfort you need to fully enjoy your time on the water.

Convertible Boats For Sale

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