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How Much Does A Sportfishing Yacht Cost?

How Much Does A Sportfishing Yacht Cost

In 2023 the cost of a Sportfishing Yacht can range from just $10,000 for an older 20ft-30ft production hull to nearly 20 Million Dollars for a 90ft to 100ft Custom Sportfish. 

the cost of a sportfishing boat
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Why Sportfishing Boats Cost So Much

Why Sportfishing Yachts are so expensive involves a multitude of factors we cover in another article:

But as the technology inside of boats continues to progress and increase, older boats are finding themselves further and further outdated when it comes time to sell, often requiring very costly upgrades,

and those upgrades are more expensive than they have ever been due to constantly evolving technology.

Expensive Upgrades

Picture of sonar in a sportfishing yacht
Picture of sonar in a sportfishing yacht

For example, 10 Years ago, owners demanded the boat have the latest fish finder. Today, owners not only demand the best fish finder but also Sonar, which can be several hundred thousand dollars to install!

And depending on the brand of sportfishing boat you have, it might not have been built with enough room below deck to properly fit a sonar, which means fewer boat shoppers will be interested in your boat,

and lower demand means a lower asking price.

Tip: Owners and buyers should be aware of the potential costs of keeping older boats up to date and factor that into their financial considerations.

Sportfish Boats For Sale

If you are researching the current price of sportfishing boats to make a purchase or looking to sell your own boat, visit and search by brand and affordability.

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