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Sportfish Yachts: A Journey Through The World’s Biggest Fishing Boats

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The Biggest Luxury Sportfishing Yachts

Whether you are interested in big sportfishing yachts or small express boats, this article will feature some of the best sportfishing boats in the world.

The Best Sportfishing Boats in the World will be built for rough seas well offshore (In blue water) while also being able to travel long distances in the best of today’s modern and luxurious creature comforts, but that’s not really what separates them from motor yachts. 

What makes a Sportfishing Boat great is the ability to raise and catch some of the world’s most sought-after trophy gamefish, such as the famous Blue Marlin.  Below are some of the best and biggest sportfishing boats you will see as of 2023!

90 Foot Jarrett Bay “Jaruco”

Jaruco Jarrett Bay Custom Sportfishing Boat
Jaruco Jarrett Bay Custom Sportfishing Boat

In December 2017, Jarrett Bay unveiled its finest sportfish yacht yet.  Jaruco” is a magnificent vessel that spans 90 feet and can carry a whopping 4,400 gallons of fuel!  

Here’s why the 90′ Jaruco is an evolutionary sportfish yacht that will forever change the face of sportfish tournaments. And it starts with titanium.

Jaruco’s design stands out with its use of titanium. They make its propeller shaft from an ultra-strong but lightweight titanium that has innovated modern yacht design.

These 30-foot propellor shafts save more than a thousand pounds of weight compared to the usual stainless-steel shafts. Titanium’s low density and high strength are a plus for Jaruco, but there is an extra benefit from the steel. It’s resistant to saltwater corrosion, making its lifespan longer than competitors.

Jaruco Engine room and Tech

Regarding tech, Jaruco is making sure to keep up its modern reputation. The console has five screens with every switchgear and control to monitor almost every system on the boat.

A high-tech hardtop helps the crew stay in touch with any onshore while taking on the seas. But the tech is just the start in ensuring this yacht performs at its best. 

Engines: Twin 2,600 hp MTU 16V 2000 M96Ls ensure long-range and impressive speeds making long-distance fishing trips no hassle. There are many other mechanical specs to highlight, such as:

  • A custom-built fiber torque cage that works in line with an elaborate port,
  • Starboard,
  • A mod interceptor stabilization and trim control system by Humphree.
  • And an impressive pair of Northern Lights 40 kW generators powering the luxuries of this yacht.

Jaruco Interior

Speaking of luxuries, let’s look closer at Jaruco’s interior. To start, it has a 450 square foot covered bridge with a climate-controlled entertaining area with a 360 view to give every one of your guests an unforgettable sight.

The entire interior has a layout of high-gloss finishes that leads you to the 465-square-foot salon with a full-functioning galley and bars. Stunning woods juxtaposed the bright walls of the cabins, and the 8-drawers dressers and side tables matched the impressive beds.

There is a beautiful U-shaped dinette that faces an L-shaped settee. All in all, Jaruco is a beautiful sportfish yacht.

Specs For “Jaruco”

90 foot sportfishing Yacht
  • Length 90′
  • Beam 22′ 6.”
  • Draft 5′ 8.”
  • Water Line 81′
  • Cockpit Area (sq. ft.)310
  • Dry Weight (lbs.)150,700
  • Gross Weight (lbs.)185,000
  • Fuel Capacity (gal.)4,400
  • Water Capacity (gal.)400
  • Holding Tanks (gal.)250
  • Engine(s)MTUs
  • Model16V2000 M96L
  • Horsepower 2,600hp x 2
  • PropulsionConventional Shaft, w/ V-Drive
  • StabilizationSeakeeper 9 & 36
  • Cruise Speed (kts.)38
  • WOT Speed (kts.)44
Blackwell Boatworks 68ft Sportfish
Blackwell Boatworks 68ft Sportfish

Blackwell Boatworks Custom 68′

The “68ft Blackwell Custom Sportfish is one of those head turners in the world of Custom Sportfishing Boats, and that’s because you won’t find many around.  At the time of this article, I believe there are only two 68 Blackwell Boatworks models ever made.  One being the “Wild Hooker” and the other being the “C-Ya.”  If you are aware of more, or if this is the same boat, please comment below!  

As for the specs we do know about, the 68′ Blackwell, The “Wild Hooker” website does offer a few specs:

  • Built in 2008
  • Powered by Twin Caterpillar C-32S,s with 1800 horsepower each
  • ZF Gears
  • Top Speed: 38 knots
  • Cruise Speed: 32 knots
  • Based off of the C-Ya we are assuming the following:
  • Fuel Capacity: Approx 2300 Gallons
  • Water: Approx 250 gallons
  • Interior: 4 staterooms, 3 heads
  • Draft: 5′
  • Beam: 19′

92 Foot Viking Sportfish

The next boat on our list fits well into the Big Sportfishing Boat category:  The 92 Foot Viking.  The 92′ is still considered the Flagship for Viking, although production ceased due to environmental regulations (She will be replaced by the 90′ Viking).  

Despite her production years coming to an end, the 92 will continue to have an impact on the industry for years as she is a proven workhorse for the most avid and financially well-off anglers worldwide.

The average price for a 92′ Viking was Ten Million Dollars, although you could always add features and make her cost a little more (Wink, Wink).  

Her standard power package was Caterpillar C-32A boasting 1925hp each, but if that wasn’t enough fuel burn for you, you could always toss in twin 2,635-hp MTU 16V2000 M96L Diesels.  

Speeds with the MTU package exceeded 40mph while still offering a range of 507 miles, albeit while burning and an incredible 260 gallons per hour!

The 92 Viking came in the variations:

  • Convertible
  • Enclosed Bridge
  • Skybridge

Lanakai Sportfish Yacht- (129ft)

Lanakai Sportfishing Yacht 12
Photo by Yachting Development

Yachting Developments doesn’t make many Sportfishing Boats, but they make them big when they do!  This is the biggest Sportfish they have made to date: The “Lanakai” Sportfisherman Yacht. 

Naval Architect Michael Peters didn’t hold much back on this boat, building a 129ft (39.5m) vessel that can accommodate 10 guests and 5 crew comfortably.  

What really makes the “Lanakai Special is her Carbon Fibre hull and superstructure, which, combined with twin MTU engines, can give her a top speed of 29.5 knots and a cruising speed of 20.0 knots.  

There also won’t be any desperate need to stop for fuel as the Lanakai can hold 10,566 gallons of fuel!

Lanakai Photo Gallery:

More Specs For the Lanakai Sportfish:


Overall length39.5m (129’7″)
Length at waterline32.3m (105’12”)
Beam8.6m (28’3″)
Draught max.2.37m (7’9″)
Gross tonnage267
Year Built2018

Performance & Capabilities

Max. speed29.5 kn
Cruise speed20.0 kn
Speed/rangeNot Reported
Fuel capacity40,000L (10,566.88g)
Water capacity10,000L (2,641.72g)

Mary P Sportfishing Yacht

Delivered in 2008 by Trinity Yachts as the Worlds biggest Sportfishing Boat, the 37.19 meter (122ft) sportfish “Mary P” is was built to impress the avid fisherman.  A couple highlight specs and features for the Mary P. Include:

  • 10 Knot backdown speed
  • Twin 2,550hp Caterpillar Diesel Engines
  • Top spd of 25 knots
  •  Aluminum hull
  • Aluminum superstructure
  • Beam: 24ft

The Mary P was designed by Doug Sharp with Geoff Van Aller and is the only sportfish yacht to be constructed according to ABS class. Interiors are crafted by Judy Bell Davis, offering accommodations for up to eight guests and three crew; amenities include a skylounge, bar and formal dining area forward.

Bayliss Boatworks 90ft Sportfish

After more than 3 years of building, starting in 2013, Bayliss Boatworks finished their first 90ft Hull named “Singularis.”  John Bayliss described the hull as very similar to his previously completed 80 and 84 models, noting that the 90 was simply cut a bit longer and wider to support the additional weight.

Despite being 180,000 pounds, the twin MTU94 Diesel engines push the Singularis at an astonishing max speed of 38 knots while her comfortable cruise sits right around 30 knots.  The backdown speed of the “Singularis”, which is important for any sportfish, is also very impressive.  

Some of the basic specs include the following:

  • LOA: 90’1.5″
  • Beam: 22’11”
  • Draft: 5’10”
  • Disp.: 180,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 4,000 gal.
  • Water: 500 gal.
  • Power: Twin 2,600 hp MTU M94 Series 2000 diesels

Bad Company (144ft)

Bad Company Large Sportfishing Yacht
Photo courtesy of: Superyachtfan

She might not look like much of a sportfishing yacht from the front, but the Stern of the 144ft Trinity Yachts “Bad Company” has been set up to be all about fishing!

Delivered in 1998, this 43.9 Meter fishing yacht was at one point the largest sportfisher in the world.   The 12 guests she can sleep can spend their days fishing in a comfortable 26ft beam and get to their fishing spots at a top speed of 26 knots.

As far as the rest of the specs, “Bad Company” can cruise at 23 knots and carry a whopping 9,810 gallons of fuel.  Don’t worry about running out of water either because this massive sportfisher brings along 1,674 gallons of fresh water.

  • Range: 2000 nautical miles 
  • Engines: Twin Paxman 12VP 185 3500hp (each)
  • Guest Cabins: 1 Master, 3 Double, 1 twin
  • Hull:  Aluminum
  • Superstructure: Aluminum
  • Refitted: 2022

The 80′ Bertram Sportfishing Yacht

80 foot Bertram Sportfishing Boat
80 foot Bertram Sportfishing Boat Via Bertram Yachts
  • Standing at 80 feet, the Bertram 80 is the largest vessel in the Bertram Yachts fleet.
  • It is available in three different configurations: enclosed fly bridge, open flybridge convertible, and optional sky bridge above the enclosed bridge version.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG) system: This innovative technology helps suppress rolling motion and reduce rolling angle by up to 50 percent, making for a smoother and more comfortable experience while trolling or fishing in rough waters. It takes about 45 minutes to spool up, and once in operation, it significantly improves safety and stability on board.
  • Fishing Capabilities:
    • Two longitudinal fish boxes
    • Centrally placed fighting chair
    • Central access hatch to the lazaretto
    • Wide transom door
    • Low freeboard
    • Low draft
    • Customizable pressurized bait well with a plexiglass window and lighting.
  • Performance:
    • Top speed: 35 knots
    • Comfortable cruising speed: 30 knots

Luxurious Interiors:

  • Four separate staterooms, each with a full head.
  • Master stateroom with multiple cabinetry configurations, including drawers, a desk, and a vanity.

Red Sapphire- 128ft (39m)

red sapphire sportfishing yacht
Photo: Via Superyacht Times

The Red Sapphire is a 128ft (39M) Sportfishing Yacht launched by Hessen in 1999. The “Red Sapphire” was built more for speed using a lightweight aluminum construction, although she is still extremely comfortable as well as fishable. Check out some of the Specs Below:

  • Length: 128.3 feet (39.1 Meters)
  • Builder: Hessen Yachts
  • Interior Designer: James Mcfarlane
  • Gross Tons: 228
  • Hull Structure: Aluminum
  • Max Guests: 10
  • Crew: 5
  • Engines: MTU 16V 4000 TE90
  • Total Power: 7200 HP
  • Cruise Speed: 30 Nautical MPH
  • Max Speed: 37 Nautical MPH
  • Fuel: 8,981 Gallons
  • Beam: 26.2ft
  • Draft: 7ft

Project 406- 171ft (52 meters)

Project 406 171ft Sportfishing Yacht
Project 406 171ft Sportfishing Yacht (Photo by Royal Huisman)

Project 406 by Royal Huisman represents what will be the Biggest Sportfishing Boat in the World at an enormous 171ft long. Her hull and superstructure are being built using aluminum to keep the weight down without sacrificing durability and strength. The outriggers on project 406 will be the longest outriggers on earth once they hit the water and will allow the captain to stretch his lines 304 times the boat’s beam, which in the case of Project 406 is going to be quite impressive to see.

Project 406 is set to launch sometime in 2023, and to say we cannot wait to see her splash would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

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