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Boat Names From Songs

boat names from songs

If you’re a music enthusiast and a boat owner, you’ve likely thought about naming your boat after a favorite song or band. Choosing a boat name inspired by music can add a personal touch and show your love for your favorite tunes.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of boat names from songs that cover various genres and themes, including new names not mentioned in the list provided. So, let’s set sail on a journey through the world of boat names from songs!

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Jazz-inspired Boat Names

Jazz has a timeless charm that many people adore. If you’re a jazz lover, consider naming your boat after one of these jazz-inspired names:

  1. Bebop Barge
  2. Cool Cat Cruiser
  3. All That Jazz
  4. Scat Sailor
  5. Take Five
  6. Django’s Dream
  7. Miles to Go
  8. Coltrane Cove
  9. Rhythm Runner
  10. Brass Belle

Rock Music Boat Names

Rock music is known for its energy and spirit. Here are some rocking boat names inspired by famous rock songs and bands:

  1. Stairway to Heaven
  2. Black Dog Bay
  3. Hotel California
  4. Paradise City Pier
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody
  6. Free Fallin’ Float
  7. Sloop John B
  8. Black Magic Woman
  9. Paint It Black Pearl
  10. Satisfaction Sailor

Classical Music Boat Names

Classical music has a timeless elegance that can make a great inspiration for boat names. Here are some boat names inspired by classical music:

  1. Beethoven’s Bounty
  2. Vivaldi’s Voyage
  3. Tchaikovsky’s Trawler
  4. Mozart’s Mariner
  5. Chopin’s Chariot
  6. Wagner’s Wake
  7. Handel’s Harmony
  8. Brahms’ Brigantine
  9. Debussy’s Dream
  10. Puccini’s Pinnacle

Hip-Hop Boat Names

Hip-hop is known for its catchy beats and powerful lyrics. If you’re a fan of hip hop, consider one of these boat names inspired by the genre:

  1. Nautical by Nature
  2. Biggie’s Boat
  3. Tupac’s Trawler
  4. Gangsta’s Paradise
  5. Rapper’s Delight
  6. Drop the Bass
  7. Beats on the Bay
  8. Rhyme Rider
  9. Sea of 808s
  10. Dr. Dre’s Dream

Pop Music Boat Names

Pop music is known for its catchy tunes and wide appeal. Here are some boat names inspired by popular pop songs and artists:

  1. Wrecking Ball
  2. Baby, One More Time
  3. Poker Face Princess
  4. Roar Runner
  5. Shape of You Sailor
  6. Umbrella Voyage
  7. Just Dance Dreamer
  8. Billie Jean Brigantine
  9. Uptown Funk
  10. Mariner 5

Funny Boat Names for Music Lovers

Add a touch of humor to your boat name with these funny, music-inspired options:

  1. Chopin’s Chopper
  2. Symphony of the Seasick
  3. Bass Drop Boat
  4. Knot Fade Away
  5. Rudder Mercury
  6. Titoon Turner
  7. Surfboard Sinatra
  8. Ella Fitzwater
  9. Fleetwood Yacht
  10. Yachty by Nature

Famous Musician Boat Names

If you’re looking for further inspiration, here are some examples of boat names chosen by famous musicians:

  1. Billy Joel – Vendetta
  2. Bono from U2 – Cyan
  3. Beyonce & Jay Z – Galactica Star 4. Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd – Astoria
  4. David Geffen – The Rising Sun
  5. Eric Clapton – Va Bene
  6. Rafa Nadal – Beethoven (yes, he’s a tennis player, but it’s a great music boat name)
  7. Sean “P-Diddy” Combs – Oasis

Country Music Boat Names

Country music is known for its heartfelt storytelling and catchy melodies. If you’re a country music fan, consider one of these boat names inspired by the genre:

  1. Jolene’s Journey
  2. Amarillo Sky Sailor
  3. Whiskey Lullaby
  4. Blue Bayou Belle
  5. Wide Open Spaces
  6. Ring of Fire Runner
  7. Friends in Low Places
  8. Chattahoochee Chaser
  9. Islands in the Stream
  10. Chicken Fried Cruiser

Electronic Music Boat Names

Electronic music is known for its futuristic sounds and immersive atmosphere. If you’re a fan of electronic music, consider one of these boat names inspired by the genre:

  1. Synthwave Sailor
  2. Trance Transporter
  3. Techno Trawler
  4. House Harbor
  5. Dubstep Drifter
  6. Rave Runner
  7. Chillwave Chaser
  8. Electro Explorer
  9. Moog Mariner
  10. Ambient Ark

Reggae and Ska Boat Names

Reggae and ska music are known for their uplifting beats and laid-back vibes. If you’re a fan of these genres, consider one of these boat names:

  1. Bob Marlin
  2. One Love Lagoon
  3. Three Little Birds
  4. I Shot the Seagull
  5. Reggae Regatta
  6. Jammin’ Jollyboat
  7. Ska-tamaran
  8. Kingston Cruiser
  9. Catch a Fire Catamaran
  10. Toots and the Maytals’ Tugboat

Latin Music Boat Names

Latin music is known for its infectious rhythms and passionate melodies. If you’re a fan of Latin music, consider one of these boat names:

  1. Salsa Splash
  2. Rumba Runner
  3. Tango Trawler
  4. Mariachi Mariner
  5. Flamenco Float
  6. Cumbia Cruiser
  7. Bossa Nova Boat
  8. Samba Sailor
  9. Mambo Magic
  10. Cha Cha Chaser

Disco-Inspired Boat Names

Disco music is all about dance and celebration. Embrace the fun and energy of disco with one of these boat names:

  1. Disco Diva Delight
  2. Stayin’ Afloat
  3. Funky Town Ferry
  4. Boogie Wonderland
  5. Yacht Fever
  6. Groove Voyager
  7. Super Freak Sea
  8. Dance Floor Drifter
  9. Turn the Beat Around
  10. Le Freak Chic

Indie and Alternative Music Boat Names

Indie and alternative music often showcase unique sounds and styles. Express your individuality with one of these boat names inspired by indie and alternative music:

  1. Arctic Monkeys’ Ark
  2. Radiohead Runner
  3. Fleet Foxes’ Float
  4. Bon Iver’s Bay
  5. The Strokes’ Skiff
  6. Vampire Weekend Voyager
  7. Neutral Milk Hotel Harbor
  8. Arcade Fire Ark
  9. Tame Impala Trawler
  10. The National Nautical

Soul and R&B Boat Names

Soul and R&B music have a smooth, emotional appeal that can make for great boat names. Here are some boat names inspired by soul and R&B music:

  1. Soulful Sailor
  2. Smooth Operator
  3. Marvin’s Voyage
  4. Sade’s Serenade
  5. Aretha’s Anchor
  6. Stevie’s Seafarer
  7. Ray’s Rhythm Runner
  8. Erykah’s Escape
  9. Al Green’s Getaway
  10. Prince of Tides

Music-Inspired Names For Small Boats:

Below are some name ideas that might fit or give you inspiration for a musically themed name for a small boat:

  1. MiniMelody
  2. LilHarmony
  3. JazzySkiff
  4. TinyTune
  5. NoteNook
  6. PiccoloPunt
  7. PocketRiff
  8. DittyDinghy
  9. BabyBass
  10. SmallSymph

Music-Inspired Names for Fishing Boats:

Here are some fishing boat names inspired by music or songs that are suitable for anglers:

  1. Reelin’ Rhythm
  2. BassCaster
  3. Fishin’ Blues
  4. Hooked on a Tune
  5. Tackle Tempo
  6. Rods & Rock
  7. Castin’ Chorus
  8. Bobber Ballad
  9. Lure Lyric
  10. Fishin’ Fiddler

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, rock, classical, hip hop, pop, country, electronic, reggae, or ska, there’s a boat name from songs for every music lover. Let your love for music guide you in choosing a boat name that reflects your personality and passion. Happy sailing!

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