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What Does BOAT Stand For

What Does BOAT Stand For

The acronym BOAT is commonly used in various contexts, often as a playful reference to the cost of owning a boat. However, BOAT also has some other meanings unrelated to boats. Here’s an overview of the different meanings behind this popular acronym.

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Boating-Related BOAT Meanings

Within boating circles, BOAT is often used humorously to refer to the expenses associated with owning a boat:

  • Bust Out Another Thousand
  • Bring Out Another Thousand
  • Blow Out Another Thousand
  • Bankruptcy OA Trailer

These phrases poke fun at the way boat owners seem to constantly be spending money on repairs, upgrades, storage, maintenance, and more. It’s an amusing way for boaters to commiserate about the high cost of their beloved hobby.

Other BOAT Meanings
Other BOAT Meanings

Other BOAT Meanings

Beyond just the boating world, BOAT is used in various other contexts:

  • Best OAll Time – Used to describe the greatest person, team, or item within a particular category. Similar to GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
  • Byway Open TAll Traffic – Refers to a type of public highway in the UK.
  • Boat Operator Accredited Training – A certification from the Lifesaving Society in Canada.
  • Building Officials Association OTexas – A professional organization based in Austin, TX.
  • Base-station Over The Air Testing – A term used in the telecom industry.
  • Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport – Used in the TV show Phineas and Ferb.

So in summary, while BOAT is often used to poke fun at the cost of owning a boat, it has a wide variety of other meanings too.

Origin of the Word “Boat”

The word “boat” itself has its origins in Old English:

  • Comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “bāt”
  • Related to Old Norse “beiti”
  • Cognate with Old High German “boto”

So the modern word boat has extremely ancient roots, harkening back to languages used over 1000 years ago. It has clear connections to other Germanic languages.

BOAT in Cockney Rhyming Slang

Within the lexicon of Cockney rhyming slang used in parts of the UK, BOAT takes on another meaning – that of “face.”

The logic goes:

  • Boat → Boat Race
  • Boat Race rhymes with Face
  • Drop the rhyming “Race”
  • Therefore, Boat = Face in rhyming slang

So if someone says “How’s your boat?” or “You’ve got a ugly boat,” they’d be referring to your face, not an actual boat. Rhyming slang is complex stuff!

Popular Variants of BOAT
Popular Variants of BOAT

Popular Variants of BOAT

BOAT has inspired many funny variants and puns within boating circles. Here are some popular examples boaters have come up with:

  • Bend Over And Take It
  • Bored On Another Transport
  • Bought On A Bender
  • Bring An Another Thrill
  • Beautiful Open Air Trips
  • Best Of Adventurous Tendencies
  • Beer Onboard Arctic Temperatures
  • Bikers Organize Awesome Tours

Boaters have endless fun coming up with clever spins on the BOAT acronym to poke fun at their expensive hobby.

Boat vs Yacht Acronyms

While BOAT has become a popular acronym among boat owners, there aren’t as many similar acronyms for those who own yachts. However, some clever yacht owners have come up with a few variants:

  • Yet Another Cash Hungry Toy
  • Yachts Are Cash Hungry Toys
  • Your Account Can’t Handle This

So although not as widespread as BOAT, there are a few snarky acronyms used among the yachting community as well.


Where did the word “boat” come from?

It has Old English, Old Norse, and Germanic origins, derived from words like “bāt” and “beiti”.

Are there any funny boat names that play on BOAT?

Yes! Boaters have come up with clever puns like “Bought On A Bender” and “Bikers Organize Awesome Tours”.

Is there a slang meaning for BOAT?

Yes, it can mean “face” in the context of Cockney rhyming slang.

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