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Fishing Boat Names

Fishing Boat Names

When it comes to naming a fishing boat, the options are endless. From clever puns to sentimental references, the name of a fishing boat can reflect the personality of its owner and add a touch of character to the vessel. A good boat name can also bring good luck and be a source of pride for its owner. Here are 30 fishing boat name ideas to inspire you.

Do You Need To Name A Fishing Boat?

In many countries, including the United States, naming a recreational fishing boat isn’t legally required, although it is required for commercial fishing boats. That being said, having a name makes your boat more easily identifiable, which can be helpful if you have to communicate with another boat, Coast Guard, or bridges. But keep in mind: Not every boat name is ideal for every type of fishing boat! Below is an extensive list that should provide name options for every type of fishing boat on the water.

Fishing Boat Name Ideas:

fishing boat name ideas
  1. Reel Therapy
  2. Sea Hunter
  3. Salty Dog
  4. Hooked Up
  5. Fin Chaser
  6. Fishin’ Mission
  7. Tuna Turner
  8. Castaway
  9. The Baited Hook
  10. The Reel Deal
  11. Hook, Line & Sinker
  12. Sea Breeze
  13. The Big Catch
  14. Reel Obsession
  15. Catch of the Day
  16. Seas the Day
  17. The Happy Hooker
  18. Bottom Feeder
  19. Reel Time
  20. Salt Water Therapy
  21. Fisherman’s Luck
  22. The Wahoo
  23. Bite Me
  24. Reel Escape
  25. Nautical Nonsense
  26. The Marlin Mistress
  27. Fishin’ Magician
  28. Wreckless Abandon
  29. Cast N’ Crew
  30. No Guts, No Gills

15 Clever and Unique Fishing Boat Names

  1. Knot On Call
  2. Reel Deal
  3. Fishful Thinking
  4. High Tide
  5. The Codfather
  6. Lure Me In
  7. Aqua Holic
  8. Sea-cret Weapon
  9. A-Fish-ionado
  10. Scale Seeker
  11. Nauti Buoy
  12. Fin-Tastic
  13. Live Bait
  14. The Salty Dog
  15. Cast N’ Blast

20 Boat Name Ideas For Big Fishing Boats

boat names for big fishing boats
boat names for big fishing boats
  1. Sea Titan
  2. Big Bounty
  3. Big Splash
  4. Big Tuna Hunter
  5. Big Catch Chaser
  6. Big Game Pursuit
  7. The Big Dipper
  8. King Crabber
  9. Oceanus
  10. Sword Slayer
  11. Reel King
  12. Marlin Mauler
  13. Big Blue
  14. Big Fish Boss
  15. Big Bluewater
  16. Big League Fisher
  17. Big Water Adventure
  18. Fish Hawk
  19. The Kraken’s Den
  20. Sea Phoenix
  21. The Mighty Mariner
  22. The Leviathan’s Lair
  23. The Big Catch Cruiser
  24. Shark Seeker
  25. Fisherman’s Fortune
  26. The Deep Blue
  27. Bait Runner
  28. The Trawler King
  29. Sea Hunter

20 Boat Name Ideas For Small Fishing Boats

Boat names for small fishing boats
  1. Little Bait
  2. Skiff Life
  3. Minnow Maker
  4. Bay Bandit
  5. Tackle Box
  6. Guppy Love
  7. Shallow Waters
  8. Reel Fun
  9. Microfish
  10. Lil’ Catcher
  11. Fish Whistle
  12. Shrimpy
  13. Rowboat Renegade
  14. Lure Lover
  15. Tiny Trawler
  16. Wader Raider
  17. Minnow Muncher
  18. Dockside Darter
  19. Tackle Tug
  20. Canoe Cruiser

20 Fishing Boat Name Ideas Related to Money or Finance

  1. Capital Catch
  2. Risk Taker
  3. Money Maker
  4. Reel Investment
  5. Cash Cow
  6. Stock Holder
  7. The Accountant
  8. Bull Market
  9. Financial Fortune
  10. Investment Reel
  11. The Portfolio
  12. Fiscal Fisherman
  13. Cash Fisher
  14. High Yield Hauler
  15. The Financial Reeler
  16. Asset Angler
  17. Financial Flounder
  18. Tax Write-Off
  19. The Financial Fisher
  20. The Dividend Catcher

30 Fishing Boat Name Ideas Related to Medicine

  1. Doc Fisher
  2. Sea Scalpel
  3. Fish M.D.
  4. Sea Suture
  5. Nurse Naut
  6. Med-Trawler
  7. Health Haul
  8. Catch Cure
  9. WaveScan
  10. Sea Specialist
  11. Maritime Med
  12. Fishin’ RX
  13. Aqua Anes
  14. Healing Hook
  15. Sea Surgeon
  16. Marine Medic
  17. Oceanic O.R.
  18. Med Marlin
  19. Surgeon Sea
  20. Fishin’ Nurse
  21. Sea Scrub
  22. Aqua Doc
  23. Fishin’ Dr.
  24. Sea RN
  25. Health Hook
  26. Surgeon Skip
  27. Ocean O.R.
  28. Med Mullet
  29. Fishin’ Oath
  30. Seaside Rx

30 Fishing Boat Name Ideas For Billfishing

  1. Marlin Madness
  2. Sailfisher
  3. Billfisher
  4. Sword Swirl
  5. Marlin Mania
  6. Sail Slayer
  7. Spear Strike
  8. Blue Marlin
  9. Sail Surge
  10. Sword Splash
  11. Marlin Magic
  12. Sail Shadow
  13. Bill Thrill
  14. Fin Frenzy
  15. Sword Thrust
  16. Marlin Muse
  17. Sail Serenade
  18. Sword Streak
  19. Black Marlin
  20. Sail Siren
  21. Bill Blitz
  22. Swordfisher
  23. Marlin Master
  24. Sail Surgeon
  25. Bluewater Fun
  26. Sword Swash
  27. Sail Safari
  28. Marlin Majesty
  29. Sword Slayer
  30. Bill Basher

20 Fishing Boat Names For Mahi Fishing

  1. Mahi Madness
  2. Dolphin Dance
  3. Dolphinity
  4. Mahi Magic
  5. Fish Frenzy
  6. Dolphin Delight
  7. Mahi Mania
  8. Mahi Mayhem
  9. Fish Fantasy
  10. Dolphin Dash
  11. Mahi Hype
  12. Dolphin Dive
  13. Mahi Mission
  14. Fish Fiasco
  15. Dolphin Day
  16. Mahi Marvel
  17. Dolphin Dream
  18. Fish Fiesta
  19. Dolphin Drift
  20. Mahi Mischief

20 Fishing Boat Names For Tuna Fishing

  1. Tuna Tornado
  2. The Tuner
  3. Bluefin Bonanza
  4. Tuna Time
  5. Fish Finder
  6. Tuna Titan
  7. The Tuna Machine
  8. Tunatic
  9. Big Tuna
  10. Fish On
  11. Tuna Quest
  12. Albacore Ace
  13. Tuna Hunter
  14. Catchin’ Tuna
  15. Tuna Terror
  16. King Tuna
  17. Top Tuna
  18. Tuna Tracker
  19. Sea Tuna
  20. Tuna Triumph

20 Female Fishing Boat Names

  1. Lady Luck
  2. Mermaid Mist
  3. She Sails
  4. Fishin’ Femme
  5. Sea Sister
  6. Nautigirl
  7. Ocean Babe
  8. Salty Girl
  9. Reel Lady
  10. Sea Queen
  11. Marlin Miss
  12. Fishin’ Gal
  13. Siren Song
  14. Tuna Temptress
  15. Aqua Angel
  16. Nautical Nymph
  17. Fishin’ Fatale
  18. Ocean Diva
  19. Saltwater Siren
  20. Lady of the Sea

10 Tips For Naming your Boat

  1. Consider the type of boat: The type of boat can be a great source of inspiration for a name. For example, a fishing boat could have a name related to fishing, while a sailboat could have a name related to sailing or the wind.
  2. Think about your personality: Your boat’s name can reflect your personality or the personality of those who will be using the boat. A more serious and professional name may be appropriate for a business boat, while a fun and lighthearted name may be more fitting for a recreational boat.
  3. Consider the boat’s history: If the boat has a history or a story behind it, consider using that as inspiration for a name. For example, if the boat was passed down from a family member, you could use their name or a name that is significant to them.
  4. Get creative: Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with the naming process. You could use puns, alliteration, or play on words to come up with a unique and memorable name.
  5. Keep it simple: A simple and easy-to-remember name can be more effective than a complex or overly clever one. A shorter name can also be easier to apply to the boat’s hull.
  6. Consider the audience: If you plan on using your boat in a professional setting or in public events, it is important to choose a name that is appropriate for your audience.
  7. Avoid inappropriate or offensive names: Keep in mind that your boat’s name will be visible to the public, so it’s important to avoid names that are offensive or inappropriate.
  8. Research existing boat names: Before deciding on a name, research existing boat names to avoid duplication or unintentional similarity.
  9. Involve family and friends: Naming a boat can be a fun and collaborative process. Involve family and friends in the naming process to generate more ideas and make the process more enjoyable.
  10. Wait for inspiration: If you’re struggling to come up with a name, don’t rush the process. Wait for inspiration to strike or try brainstorming with others to generate more ideas.

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