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5 Types Of Fishing Boat Towers

5 Types Of Fishing Boat Towers

Fishing boat towers are an essential accessory for serious anglers who want the best vantage point for spotting fish.

The True Purpose of a Tower On a Fishing Boat

Towers on Fishing Boats are installed for one reason: To provide elevation because when you are on the water, an elevated position allows you the ability to see farther across and deeper into the water.

Fishing towers come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to cater to a particular type of boat and fishing experience. In this article, we will explore the five most popular types of fishing boat towers currently in use by anglers around the world.

Tuna Tower (aka Gap Tower)

Tuna Tower

The Tuna Tower, also known as the Gap Tower, is a popular fishing boat tower for bigger Center Console Boats and Sportfishing Boats.

The Tuna Tower offers an elevated platform located above the bridge that provides a great 360-degree view of the water surrounding the boat. The tower is typically made of aluminum, and it features a suite of controls featuring throttles and all the essential navigational instruments.

Marlin Tower

What is a Marlin Tower

A Marlin Tower is another popular type of fishing tower that offers an elevated view for spotting fish, although it is not as high as a Tuna Tower (Gap Tower).

When comparing Marlin Towers with Tuna Towers, it’s important to note that they are not the same thing. A Marlin Tower is built directly onto the hardtop of the boat, effectively making the hardtop the floor of the tower.

When you see a Marlin Tower on an express-style fishing boat or a large center console (Pictured above), it will usually have more controls around the helm and potentially an enclosure to protect the captain from the elements.

Sight Tower

what is a sight tower
Photo via Beavertail Skiffs

Sight towers are fishing towers typically found mounted on the foredeck of small fishing boats. They are usually made from aluminum and consist only of a platform to stand on with handrails for support and safety.

Sight Towers are very basic and, at times, very rudimentary. It’s not uncommon for someone to take a regular construction ladder and prop it up to use as a sight tower. Since the waters are usually very calm, you could actually get away with this, although it is not recommended!

Cobia Tower

What is a Cobia Tower
Photo via Quality T-Tops & Boat Accessories

A Cobia tower (Also known as a “Ling” Tower) is another type of tower typically found on smaller to medium-sized fishing boats. A Cobia tower can be mounted or screwed on top of a T-Top or into a T-Top; however, it does have its own floor, as opposed to a Console Tower.

A key advantage of a Cobia Tower over a Marlin Tower is that it can be installed to be removable or to fold forward for trailering. As for height, a Cobia tower usually provides the boat’s captain an additional 6 to 8ft of elevation.

Console Tower

What is a console tower 1
Photo courtesy of Islamorada Boatworks

A Console Tower is exactly how it sounds because it’s a fishing tower where the boat’s captain gets elevation by standing on top of the console or on top of a small platform just above the console.

As with a Cobia Tower or a Sight Tower, a Console Tower is typically only found on small to mid-sized center console fishing boats.


Fishing boat towers are essential accessories for anglers who want to enhance their ability to spot fish on and below the water. The five types of fishing boat towers discussed in this article cater to different types of fishing experiences and different types of boats, from skiffs to Sportfishing Yachts.

Choosing the right fishing boat tower for your needs can make all the difference in your fishing and your comfort. Remember to consider your fishing style and the type of fish you plan to catch when selecting the right tower for your boat.

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