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New Alabama State Blue Marlin Record Fish Caught

New Alabama State Blue Marlin Record Caught

Alabama’s New Blue Marlin Record: A Catch for the Ages

In the world of sportfishing, the State of Alabama has witnessed a monumental achievement:

On Thursday, October 19th, 2023 a 1,145.6-pound blue marlin was weighed in at the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club in Orange Beach, AL, setting a new record for the largest Marlin ever caught in state waters.

For context, the previous Alabama state record stood at 851.9 lbs. This was set by Ginger Myers from Louisiana, a memorable catch dated July 5, 2020.

This remarkable feat was accomplished by seasoned angler, Scooter Anderson, aboard the ‘Best Trait’, which is captained by Capt Chris Mowad.

With this new record, Alabama solidifies its reputation in the sportfishing community, and the Gulf of Mexico continues to surprise with its abundant marine life.

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