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What is the Front of the Boat Called

What is the Front of the Boat Called

The front part of a boat is known as the bow. The bow is designed to enable efficient movement through the water and comes in different shapes depending on factors like speed, function, and waterways.

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Types of Bows

Bow designs vary but should reduce resistance and minimize water coming over the top. Popular types include:

Plumb Bow

  • Straight vertical bow perpendicular to water
  • Provides stability and smooth ride
  • Enables efficient movement with minimal resistance

Clipper Bow

  • Tall, straight sides
  • Sleek, stylish appearance
  • Cuts through water quickly with low resistance

Raked Bow

  • Long, sloping shape
  • Increases seaworthiness of wooden boats
  • Popular on cruising boats

Axe Bow

  • Narrow, long shape with vertical stem
  • Smooth gliding through waves
  • More maneuvering power needed

Bulbous Bow

  • Protruding bulb below waterline
  • Reduces resistance and increases efficiency
  • Found on large ships

Inverted Bow

  • Bottom extends outwards more than top
  • Improves hydrodynamics and reduces pitching
  • Highly maneuverable and fuel efficient

Cylindrical Bow

  • Flat bottom and circular cross-section
  • Strong and less likely to snag objects
  • More surface area reduces drag

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The front of a boat is called the bow. It comes in many shapes like plumb, clipper, raked, axe, bulbous, inverted, and cylindrical bows. The design impacts the boat’s performance through water.

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