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What is a Gyro on a Boat

What is a Gyro on a Boat

A gyro on a boat is a gyroscopic stabilizer that helps reduce the rocking and rolling motion of a boat on the water. Gyros are becoming increasingly popular on sportfishing, yacht, and other recreational powerboats as a way to improve comfort and stability while underway.

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How Do Boat Gyros Work?

Gyros reduce a boat’s motion by using rotational force. Inside the gyro sphere is a rapidly spinning flywheel.

This flywheel generates powerful angular momentum that works to counteract the rocking and rolling motion of the boat on the waves.

The gyro needs to be mounted securely to the boat’s structure. As the boat tilts from wave action, the gyro pushes against this motion to keep the boat as level as possible. The faster the flywheel spins, the more torque it can apply to resist the boat’s rolling.

Key Components

  • Flywheel – A heavy, dense wheel that spins at high RPM to produce angular momentum. Flywheel speed varies by model but can be 5,000 RPM or higher.
  • Vacuum enclosure – The gyro flywheel is housed in a near-vacuum sphere so there is minimal air resistance. This allows it to spin faster.
  • Mounting – The gyro sphere assembly must be rigidly mounted to the boat’s stringers or other structural members.
  • Controls – Sophisticated computer controls actively adjust the gyro’s tilt to optimize stabilization.

Gyro Benefits for Boats

Installing a gyro stabilizer offers several advantages:

  • Greatly reduces rolling up to 90% for improved comfort and stability underway
  • Allows operating at higher speeds in rough weather
  • Reduces seasickness
  • Makes it easier to walk around the boat and perform tasks underway
  • Improves safety
  • Increases range you can comfortably travel offshore
  • Extends number of days per year that weather allows comfortable boating

Choosing the Right Boat Gyro

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting a gyro:

  • Boat size – Gyros are designed for specific boat sizes. Make sure to pick one rated for your boat’s length and weight.
  • Location – Most gyros are installed in the bilge or engine room. But for some boats, they are integrated into leaning posts.
  • Power requirements – Gyros need DC and AC power. Select one compatible with your boat’s electrical system.
  • Cooling – Passive or raw water cooling? Ensure your boat has capacity to cool the gyro.

Major Gyro Manufacturers

SeakeeperIndustry leader in gyro stabilizers
DMS HollandDistributor for Anti Rolling Gyro by Mitsubishi
GyroMarine SrlItalian gyro manufacturer
Orbit GyroMakes 4-6 models of gyros
QuickMC2 Quick Gyro Stabilizers
TohmeiAnti Rolling Gyro brand
VEEM MarineGyros for larger yachts

Popular gyro brands for boats include Seakeeper, Sleipner, and VEEM. Work with your boat dealer to select the right gyro model and integrate it properly with your boat’s systems for maximum performance. Proper installation is key.


A boat gyro is a worthwhile investment to dramatically improve comfort and enjoyment on the water. While not inexpensive, the stabilizing benefits a gyro provides are virtually unmatched by any other marine technology.

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