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How Does A Seakeeper Work

How Does A Seakeeper Work

Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are revolutionizing the boating world by virtually eliminating boat roll. This advanced technology enhances comfort, safety, and enjoyment for boaters. Here’s a deep dive into what Seakeepers are, how they work, installation, and costs.

What is a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer?

A Seakeeper is a computer-controlled gyroscope that reduces boat roll by up to 95%. Inspired by aerospace technology, it uses a rapidly spinning flywheel inside a vacuum enclosure to generate powerful torque that counters the rocking motion.

Seakeepers are compact, self-contained units installed onboard boats over 30 feet. They have no external moving parts and work at both rest and underway.

How Does a Seakeeper Gyro Work?

  • Inside a sealed sphere, a steel flywheel spins at up to 9,750 rpm in a near-vacuum, eliminating air resistance.
  • When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts fore and aft, producing gyroscopic torque that counters the roll.
  • An active control system with hydraulic braking optimizes torque output in all sea conditions.
  • Seakeeper’s vacuum encapsulation enables the flywheel to spin faster using less power than non-vacuum units.
  • Computer monitoring and braking control flywheel precession rate to match and counter the boat’s roll motion.

Seakeeper Gyro Models and Suitable Boat Sizes

Seakeeper ModelSuitable Boat Size
Seakeeper 123′ – 30′
Seakeeper 231′ – 35′
Seakeeper 336′ – 39′
Seakeeper 540′ – 45′
Seakeeper 646′ – 52′
Seakeeper 950′ – 59′
Seakeeper 1660′ – 69′
Seakeeper 1865′ – 75′
Seakeeper 2670′ – 84′
Seakeeper 3585’+

How Much Does a Seakeeper Cost?

Seakeeper gyro costs vary based on the model and installation requirements. Here are ballpark prices:

  • Seakeeper 1: $16,500 MSRP + $13,360 installation = $29,860 total
  • Seakeeper 2: $24,100 MSRP + $14,650 installation = $38,750 total
  • Seakeeper 3: $36,600 MSRP + $17,500 installation = $54,100 total
  • Seakeeper 9: $104,400 MSRP + $20,300 installation = $124,700 total
  • Seakeeper 16: $152,500 MSRP + $28,500 installation = $181,000 total

Larger yachts with custom installations can cost $200,000 to $300,000. Actual costs depend on the boat, location, and other factors.

How Much Does a Seakeeper Weigh?

Seakeeper weights range from 365 lbs for the Seakeeper 1 to 3,920 lbs for the Seakeeper 35. Units typically weigh 2-4% of the boat’s displacement.

How Are Seakeepers Installed on Boats?

Seakeeper installation involves:

  • Surveying the boat and planning optimal Seakeeper location and mounting.
  • Constructing a reinforced mounting platform.
  • Securing the Seakeeper to the platform and boat structure.
  • Connecting power, control wiring, and cooling lines.
  • Distributing gyro stabilization loads into the hull.

An expert dealer should handle installation. Time and cost varies based on the boat and complexity.

Just How Effective Are Seakeeper Gyros at Reducing Roll?

Independent testing and owner reviews confirm Seakeeper gyro stabilizers deliver game-changing roll reduction from moderate chop to rough open ocean conditions:

  • Roll decreased by 91% during offshore testing on a 2850 Bluewater center console boat.
  • A trawler owner reported cruising offshore through 20-foot seas at 10 knots with no rolling whatsoever.
  • Owners of sailboats, trawlers, sportfish and cruisers report being able to sit still at rest in beam seas that would normally toss the boat side-to-side.

By virtually eliminating roll, Seakeeper gyros provide a remarkably stable platform at all speeds for both powerboats and sailing yachts. Fishing, watersports, and onboard tasks become easier and safer.

Are Seakeepers Worth the Cost?

For boaters who want to eliminate seasickness and gain stability offshore or in rough seas, Seakeepers deliver huge benefits. Users report they are an absolute game-changer for comfort and offshore capability.

While costing tens of thousands installed, Seakeepers increase usable days on the water and open up new cruising grounds offshore. For serious boaters and yacht owners, the cost is well worth it.


Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are a transformational technology that has redefined the boating experience. By vastly reducing roll, they expand the comfortable operating envelope for boaters seeking stability, safety, and freedom offshore.

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