Why should boaters slow down while passing recreational fishing boats?

How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat

How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat?

Let’s discuss how to properly pass fishing boats.

The first step in properly passing a fishing boat is to steer to the starboard side (right-hand side) of the boat so that both boats are passing each other on their left-hand side (Port Side).  

What Determines A Safe Speed For Your Boat?

Obviously, there might be times when it will be necessary to pass on the port side; when it is, it is important to communicate with the other boat so that they know to expect something out of the ordinary.  

Typically a short honk of the horn or hand signals will be enough to establish effective communication with the other boat’s captain.

In addition, it is important to maintain a minimum wake when passing fishing boats, as large wakes could cause safety issues for those on board. 

This could also disrupt any fishing activities that may be taking place, so it is best practice to keep your speed low and avoid creating large waves when passing by. 

By following these simple steps, you can help ensure everyone’s safety while out on the water

Why Should Be Be Aware when Passing fishing Boats?

Why Should Be Be Aware when Passing fishing Boats

One particular concern when passing fishing boats is the potential for collisions due to the lines and ropes that are often in the water. 

Fishing boats may have multiple lines in the water at any given time, making it difficult to navigate around them without risking a collision. 

Another reason you should be extra cautious when passing fishing boats is that they are usually trolling or sitting still and working with sharp objects, such as knives and hooks.  

This means that if you pass them with a bigger wake the likelihood of serious injury is increased significantly over the average person simply cruising on the water.

Why Do Boats Pass On The Left Side (Port Side)

Boats are supposed to pass on the left side because there are so many waterways without markings and signage that it is vital to boater safety to have a default rule for passing other boats.

Does The Bigger Boat Have The Right Of Way?

Does The Bigger Boat Have The Right Of Way

It’s not necessarily the biggest boat that has the right of way, but the heaviest.  This is based on Newtonian Physics, where it will be much more difficult for the heavier boat to maneuver in the water, so the boat that has more maneuverability has to obligation to move first (Because they can).


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