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Does Tuna Taste Like Chicken

Does Tuna Taste Like Chicken

Tuna and chicken have distinctly different flavors, but some people note similarities between the two. So, the real question is: Does tuna taste like chicken?

Taste Profiles of Tuna and Chicken

Tuna and chicken have the following general flavor characteristics:

  • Tuna Taste – fishy, briny, metallic, rich, oily, mild, delicate
  • Chicken Taste – mild, delicate, slightly sweet, meaty, juicy, tender

While their flavors are quite different, tuna and chicken share some similar mild, delicate, and slightly sweet taste qualities. However, tuna has a distinctive fishy, metallic twang while chicken has a more savory, meaty flavor.

does tuna taste like chicken Reasons Some Find Them Similar

Why Does Tuna Taste Like Chicken?

To some, it might seem like Tuna tastes like chicken, and the likely reasons for that are:

  • Both Tuna and Chicken have a moist and flaky texture when cooked
  • Both meats are generally mild in flavor and taste
  • Both Tuna and Chicken are considered white meat

That being said, the overall opinion of the general public is that Tuna and Chicken do not taste similar.

Does Tuna Taste Like Chicken Direct Flavor Comparison

Tuna Vs. Chicken (Flavor Comparison)

When tasted side-by-side, the flavors of tuna and chicken breast meat are noticeably different:

  • Tuna has a smooth, fatty mouthfeel while chicken is leaner and firmer
  • Tuna tastes fishier, saltier, and more mineral-like
  • Chicken has a meatier, brothy flavor
  • Tuna has more omega oils that give it a richer, fuller flavor
  • Chicken is mildly sweet with less pronounced flavors

So while they share some milder flavor notes, the overall taste profiles of tuna and chicken are distinct. Tuna has a stronger marine flavor while chicken is more subtle with a clear meat and poultry taste.


Tuna and chicken are both lean sources of protein but their nutrition profiles differ:

Nutrient3 oz Tuna3 oz Chicken Breast
Fat1 g3 g
Saturated Fat0 g1 g
Protein21 g26 g

Tuna is very low in fat while chicken contains slightly more. Tuna has high levels of omega-3s while chicken contains more B vitamins. Both are excellent low-calorie protein options.

When the Flavors Work Best

The mild flavors of tuna and chicken work well in simple preparations to let their subtleties shine:

  • Grilling, baking, or pan-searing brings out their delicate flavors
  • Serving sliced or chunked atop salads allows both to blend nicely
  • Pairing with citrus, herbs, spices, garlic, onion and soy enhances both
  • Using in sandwiches, wraps, pitas allows fillings to influence their taste


In the end, while tuna and chicken share some similar characteristics, their flavors are distinct. Tuna tastes fishier and more mineral-like while chicken is more savory with subtle sweetness. But both can offer mild, delicate flavors in simple preparations.

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