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The Largest Marlin Ever Caught

Largest Marlin Ever Caught

Ever wondered who holds the record for landing the largest marlin ever caught?

In this article, I’ll take you through the top 5 biggest Marlin ever caught, along with what they weighed, where they were caught, and the angler behind the big catch.

Black Marlin, 1,560 Pounds

The biggest black marlin ever reeled in was a grander that tipped the scales at a whopping 1,560 pounds. This monumental catch was made by Alfred Glassell Jr., who battled with the giant fish off the coast of Cabo Blanco, Peru, on August 4, 1953.

Armed with his Tycoon rod and a sturdy Fin-Nor reel boasting an Ashaway line, Glassell wrestled this nearly 15-foot leviathan from tropical waters where it had been plying its predatory trade.

Despite its formidable size and fight, not to mention pushing fishing technology to its limits that day, the mammoth marlin eventually succumbed after a grueling battle, thus etching Glassell’s name into IGFA’s All-Tackle World Records as the captor of the largest black marlin ever recorded.

Another impressive record in the men’s 6-pound line class was set by Enrico Capozzi, who caught a 735-pound 3-ounce marlin. Capozzi’s marlin was 133 inches long with a 66-inch girth. He caught the marlin off Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia on Feb 7, 2000. He was using a Bill Boyd custom rod equipped with a Shimano TLD20 reel. The line was 6-pound Stren Hi-Impact Gold. He was also trolling a mackerel.

Atlantic Blue Marlin, 1,402 Pounds

The Biggest Atlantic Blue catch comes from Vitoria, Brazil, where Paolo Roberto Amorim etched his name into IGFA World Records on February 29th, 1992.

Equipped with a Captain Harry’s rod and an 80 STW Penn International reel aboard the Duda Mares vessel, Amorim battled this beast for an hour and twenty minutes before finally reeling in a staggering catch of 1,402 pounds – the largest Atlantic Blue Marlin ever recorded by IGFA.

The Mold Craft lure he used became legendary overnight as stories spread far and wide about this record-breaking haul.

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This iconic battle between man and marlin further illustrates why the waters off Brazil are known for yielding enormous marlin that makes every angler’s heart race.

Pacific Blue Marlin, 1,376 Pounds

Hailing from the deep tropical waters of Kaaiwi Point, Hawaii, an incredible specimen of Pacific Blue Marlin tipped the scales at a staggering 1,376 pounds. This world-record catch was made by angler Jay de Beaubien on May 31, 1982.

Noteworthy is how De Beaubien battled this mammoth fish for forty minutes before securing his victory – a testament to both his skill and patience and to the strength and tenacity of marlin.

The record-setting event unfolded while trolling a Kita lure, showcasing the effectiveness of trolling for big game fish in Hawaii.

Striped Marlin, 494 Pounds

Striped Marlin, 494 Pounds
Striped Marlin, 494 Pounds

Bill Boniface holds the IGFA All-Tackle World Record for Striped Marlin with a remarkable catch weighing 494 pounds. This incredible feat took place on January 16, 1986, in Tutukaka, New Zealand.

After an intense hour-long battle while trolling a kahawai, Bill successfully reeled in the record-breaking Striped Marlin. To accomplish this impressive catch, he utilized a Wilkinson Sports rod paired with a Penn International reel spooled with a 50-pound test line.

Boat: The Diadema, under the command of Captain Malcolm Jackson.

White Marlin, 181 Pounds

biggest white marlin ever caught
The biggest white marlin ever caught

The white marlin, weighing 181 pounds, also finds a place among the top five largest marlin ever caught.

Brazilian angler Evandro Coser caught this record-breaking fish on December 8, 1979, in Vitoria, Brazil (Also where the record Atlantic Marlin was caught). The fish measured 107.5 inches in length and was caught by trolling dead bait, which wasn’t noted, but I would likely think it was a ballyhoo.


  • What is the average size of a marlin?

    The average size of a marlin can vary greatly depending on the species, but they typically range from 200 to 400 pounds.

  • What type of gear is typically used to catch marlin?

    Heavy-duty rods and reels, strong fishing line, and large, colorful lures are typically used to catch marlin.

  • How long does it typically take to reel in a marlin?

    The time it takes to reel in a marlin can vary greatly depending on the size of the fish, but it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

  • Are marlin good to eat?

    While marlin can be eaten, they are more commonly caught for sport. Some species of marlin are considered to have a good flavor and are used in certain types of sushi.


In conclusion, the largest marlin ever caught include the impressive black marlin weighing in at 1,560 pounds, the Atlantic blue marlin at 1,402 pounds, and the Pacific blue marlin reaching a weight of 1,376 pounds.

Not to be forgotten is the striped marlin with a weight of 494 pounds and the swordfish coming in at an incredible 1,182 pounds. These remarkable catches showcase not only the skill and determination of anglers but also highlight the awe-inspiring size and power of these magnificent creatures.

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