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The Top 5 Best Marlin Lures for Trolling

The Top 5 Best Marlin Lures for Trolling

If you’re Marlin Fishing with dead or live bait, you’re at the mercy of what the sea provides you; however, if you’re trolling for marlin with artificial lures, there are a seemingly endless number of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Choosing the right lure feels like Indiana Jones trying to pick the holy grail!

Indiana Jones Last Crusade

So, I personally scoured the internet and watched multiple youtube videos, and compiled this list of the Top 5 Best Marlin Lures for trolling. This list is based on a combination of what is popular, people’s reviews, and professional recommendations.

Disclaimer: Everyone has an opinion, especially in fishing, and there are plenty of great lures that didn’t make this article. The following lures are only selected based on the categories above.

1. Mold Craft Wide Range

Mold Craft Wide Range
Mold Craft Wide Range (Color not specific)

The Mold Craft Wide Range lure is renowned for its versatility. It can be trolled over a wide range of speeds (4-14 knots) and performs exceptionally well in rough water conditions. This lure has been responsible for breaking Blue Marlin records in various locations, making it a popular choice among anglers. Notably, it has caught a marlin weighing an incredible 1,742 lb and the 80 lb line-class world record blue marlin of 1,189 lbs. The standard-size Wide Range lure has several line class records and is also known as a tuna killer.

2. Joe Yee Super Plunger

The Joe Yee Super Plunger is a highly sought-after lure and has been in high demand for years. It is known for its effectiveness in attracting marlin and has a proven track record. The Super Plunger has caught more 1000lb marlin than any other lure in the world and is the most sought-after lure Joe makes. This Super Plunger is pre-skirted in black over orange-yellow tiger rubber skirts. The lure is versatile and can be used in any position in the trolling spread, although it’s most common from the short flat line.

3. Mold Craft Super Chugger

mold craft super chugger
mold craft super chugger

The Mold Craft Super Chugger lure has a deeply concave head and a longer, heavier, reverse-tapered body, which allows it to run well in both calm and rough water conditions. It has been praised for its ability to catch various species of marlin, making it a versatile and reliable choice. The Super Chugger lure has been used to land many World Record Catches. Notably, it produced the All Tackle Atlantic Blue Marlin IGFA World Record of 1,402 LB caught by Paulo Roberto Amorin off Brazil on February 29, 1992.

4. Aloha Lures Smash Bait

The Aloha Lures Smash Bait is a legendary Kona tube-style lure designed for marlin fishing. It has a steep angled, or bevel face with softened rails and a slight taper, creating significant distress behind the boat. The lure is belly-weighted and features large polished mirrors, making it irresistible to marlin. It has been responsible for countless giant billfish captures and is a popular choice among tournament and heavy tackle experts worldwide. The Smash Bait lure earned its name in the blue waters of Hawaii and with its reputation for catching big fish around the world.

5. Pakula Lumo Sprocket

Pakula Lumo Sprocket best marlin lure
Pakula Lumo Sprocket

The Pakula Lumo Sprocket lure is best suited for the long rigger position and is particularly effective in the green lumo color. It has been responsible for many first marlin captures, tournament wins, and even the largest fish of the season twice in Cairns. The Pakula Lumo Sprocket is an almost foolproof lure to pull and works well in most positions and sea states. The Pakula Lumo Sprocket was also ranked third in Marlin magazine’s Top Ten Lures of All Time.

Each of these lures offers unique features and benefits, making them excellent choices for trolling in your pursuit of marlin. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, these lures are sure to enhance your fishing experience.

Marlin Lures for Targeting Specific Marlin Species

When it comes to targeting specific types of marlin, certain lures have proven to be more effective than others. Here are some of the best lures for each marlin species:

Blue Marlin

  1. Marlin Magic Ruckus: This lure is a favorite among big-fish captains due to its consistent chug that drives Blue Marlin wild. The Marlin Magic Ruckus is known for its large, aggressive action and its ability to handle high speeds. It is particularly effective when used with a bait and skirt, which add to its visual appeal and stimulate more bites.
  2. Fathom Offshore Pepal Grande: The Pepal Grande is a top-producing Blue Marlin trolling lure with numerous tournament wins to its name. It features a unique design that creates a large bubble trail when trolled, attracting marlin from a distance. The lure is also known for its durability, making it a reliable choice for challenging offshore conditions.

Black Marlin

  1. Moldcraft Soft Heads: These rubber-skirted lures are commonly used for targeting Black Marlin. The soft head design creates a unique action in the water that Black Marlin find irresistible. The Moldcraft Soft Heads are available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing anglers to match the lure to the prevailing conditions and the preferences of the fish.
  2. Black Bart Lures: Another popular choice for Black Marlin, these rubber-skirted lures have a strong reputation among anglers. Black Bart Lures are known for their quality craftsmanship, effective designs, and proven track record in catching marlin. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors, providing options for different fishing conditions and personal preferences.

Striped Marlin

  1. Kilwell Pacific Big Eye KP m583 in Fruit Salad color: This lure is considered the best-striped marlin lure on the planet and has been responsible for numerous catches. The Kilwell Pacific Big Eye KP m583 is praised for its effectiveness in attracting striped marlin, especially when run on the short rigger. Its famed Fruit Salad color has proven to be particularly enticing to this species.
  2. Zuker’s Trolling Lures (12″ size): These rubber-skirted lures have successfully targeted Striped Marlin. Zuker’s Trolling Lures are known for their large flat-headed design, which is ideal for heavy seas and high-speed trolling. They are recommended for the Long Corner or Long Rigger position in your spread and are especially effective for big-game fish like Tuna, Dorado, and Marlin.

White Marlin

  1. Blue/White Ilander Lures: These lures are the bait of choice for White Marlin on the East Coast and have proven to be effective. The Ilander Lures are renowned among tournament fishermen as a “fish producer”. They are ideal for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and King Mackerel.
  2. Rigged Ballyhoo: Small rigged ballyhoo, often called “dinks,” are a popular bait choice for White Marlin fishing. Ballyhoo are natural baitfish that are rigged to mimic the swimming action of a live fish. They are particularly effective when used in combination with a skirt or lure head to add visual appeal and stimulate more bites.


In the pursuit of marlin, the right lure can make all the difference. Whether you’re targeting Blue, Black, Striped, or White Marlin, there’s a lure designed to maximize your success. From the versatile Mold Craft Wide Range to the legendary Aloha Lures Smash Bait, these lures have proven their worth in the hands of anglers worldwide.

Remember, the best lure is the one that works for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your personal favorite. Happy fishing!

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