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The History Supreme Yacht

The History Supreme Yacht

The History Supreme is said to be the most expensive yacht ever sold, with a reported price tag of $4.8 billion. However, there is much mystery and speculation surrounding this luxury vessel.

Key Facts About the History Supreme

  • Ordered by an anonymous Malaysian businessman
  • Designed by Stuart Hughes
  • Took 3 years to construct
  • Required 220,000 pounds of gold and platinum
  • Deck, base, dining area covered in gold
  • Anchor made entirely of gold
  • Master bedroom features meteorite stone wall and T-Rex bone

However, many experts question the legitimacy of this vessel and whether it truly exists.

Who Is the Owner of the History Supreme Yacht?

No one has actually stated knowing for a fact who owns the History Supreme Yacht, but the owner is rumored to be a man named Robert Kuok, a Malaysian businessman.

Reasons to Question the History Supreme’s Authenticity

  • No proven owner
  • No new photos have emerged since the initial 2011 announcement
  • Original photos appear doctored from another yacht
  • Gold additions would likely sink the yacht
    • 220,000 pounds of gold would be too heavy

Timeline of the History Supreme Speculation

  • 2011 – Stuart Hughes announces design and sale of History Supreme
  • 2011 – Photos appear on Hughes’ website, allegedly showing the yacht
  • 2011 – Manufacturers claim photos were stolen from their site
  • Present – No new confirmed photos have emerged
  • Present – Experts claim the yacht would not float with that much gold

The Verdict?

Most evidence points to the History Supreme being an elaborate hoax. While it captured headlines with its outrageous claims of being the most expensive yacht ever, the facts just don’t seem to add up.

Without recent photos, confirmation of an owner, or even feasible engineering, it appears this gold-plated legend will remain more myth than reality. The title of “world’s most expensive yacht” still appears up for grabs.

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