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Superyachts vs Mega Yachts

Superyachts vs Mega Yachts

Superyachts and megayachts are both ultra-luxurious boats, but they differ in size and amenities. This guide examines the key differences between superyachts and megayachts to help you determine which type of luxury yacht is right for your needs.

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What is a Superyacht?

A superyacht is generally defined as a professionally crewed luxury motor or sailing yacht from 79 feet (24 meters) to 230 feet (70 meters) in length. Superyachts offer high-end amenities like:

  • Spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms to accommodate 6-12 guests
  • Jacuzzis, swim platforms, and water toys
  • Fine dining prepared by private chefs
  • Luxurious furnishings (leather, marble, precious woods)
  • Full service staff, including captain, crew, and stewards

Superyachts may be available for private charter. Popular destinations include the Mediterranean in summer and the Caribbean in winter.

What is a Megayacht?

A mega yacht is a larger version of a superyacht, generally defined as a professionally crewed yacht over 230 feet (70 meters) in length. Megayachts offer even more extravagant features, like:

  • Accommodations for over 12 guests
  • Larger crews with higher service levels
  • Multiple pools, gyms, spas, and helipads
  • Expansive deck spaces and interior volumes
  • Unique amenities like private cinemas or submarines

Megayachts may require special licenses to carry additional passengers. Top destinations are the same as superyachts.

Key Differences Between Superyachts and Megayachts

Key Differences Between Superyachts and Megayachts

Length79 – 230 feet (24 – 70 meters)Over 230 feet (70 meters+)
Guest Capacity6-12 guests12+ guests
Crew Size~10-15 crewLarger crew, ~15-30
Common AmenitiesJacuzzis, water toys, gymsHelipads, cinemas, submarines, expansive deck space
Average Price Range$5M-$50M+ USD$100M+ USD

While superyachts focus more on guest pampering and water sports, megayachts emphasize sheer size and volume with unique amenities. Megayachts also have larger crews to maintain the additional systems and provide high service levels.

Pros and Cons of Superyachts vs Megayachts
Pros and Cons of Superyachts vs Megayachts

Pros and Cons of Superyachts vs Megayachts



  • More affordable to purchase and operate
  • Easier to maneuver and dock in ports
  • Provide intimate luxury for smaller groups


  • Less interior and deck space
  • Fewer unique amenities
  • Perceived as less exclusive



  • Ultimate statement of wealth and prestige
  • Space for large groups and events
  • Custom amenities like helipads, spas, submarines


  • Very expensive to build and run
  • Not as easily maneuverable
  • Require large crew to maintain
Examples of Popular Superyacht and Megayacht Models

Examples of Popular Superyacht and Megayacht Models

YachtLengthGuestsCrewPrice (Est.)
Oceanco Amara220 feet1220$35M
Benetti Crystal 140456 feet1219$30M
Heesen Home164 feet1011$24M
Lürssen Azzam590 feet3660$600M
Blohm+Voss Eclipse533 feet2470$1.5B
Nobiskrug Sailing Yacht A469 feet2054$600M

As the examples show, megayachts like the Azzam and Eclipse dwarf even large superyachts like the Amara. They offer amenities and interior volumes on a different scale entirely.

Key Takeaways: Choosing Between a Superyacht and Megayacht

  • Budget – Megayachts can cost over 9 figures, while superyachts start under $10M.
  • Size Needs – Megayachts have vastly more interior and deck space.
  • Guest Capacity – Megayachts accommodate events and large groups more easily.
  • Maintenance – Megayachts require large crews to operate systems and provide services.
  • Docking Access – Superyachts can access more ports and marinas than massive mega yachts.
  • Prestige – Megayachts make the ultimate luxury statement, size matters here.
  • Experience – Superyachts focus more on guest pampering and water sports.


  • What is a Hybrid Super Yacht?

    Essentially, a Hybrid yacht has two separate energy sources used for propulsion, such as Diesel and Electric Power.


So in summary, superyachts offer intimate luxury perfect for smaller groups, while megayachts are the pinnacle of ocean-going extravagance and prestige. Evaluate your budget, size requirements, and preferences to decide between these two luxury yacht options.

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