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How Long Does It Take To Build A Yacht

How Long Does It Take To Build A Yacht

Building a custom yacht is an exciting endeavor, but also requires significant time, planning, and coordination. The construction timeline can range from 8 months for smaller production boats to over 3 years for large custom superyachts. Many factors impact build time including size, building material, level of customization, and shipyard capabilities.

Yacht Building Process Overview

Constructing a yacht generally involves five key phases:

  • Design – Creating detailed plans for the hull, interior, systems, and amenities based on the owner’s preferences.
  • Construction – Physically building the hull, deck, and superstructure. Installation of systems, outfitting, and interior fit out.
  • Testing – Conducting sea trials to assess performance and identify any issues.
  • Finishing – Interior decorating, exterior paint and final commissioning of systems.
  • Delivery – Transporting the finished yacht to the owner.

During this process the owner works closely with the design team and shipyard to bring their dream yacht to life.

Typical Build Times by Yacht Type

The table below outlines typical construction timeframes based on common yacht types:

Yacht TypeTime to Build
Fishing Yacht6-24 months
Motor Yacht8-24 months
Sailing Yacht10-24 months
Performance Yacht12-24 months
Luxury Superyacht24-36+ months

Fishing Yachts

Purpose-built fishing yachts range from 6-24 months to construct. Their specialized nature including equipment like tackle storage, fish holds, and heavy-duty hulls adds complexity.

Motor Yachts

With simpler propulsion and systems compared to sailboats, motor yacht build times fall in the 8-24 month range. Larger size and more complex interior design extend the timeline.

Sailing Yachts

The intricacies of the rigging, keel, and sail systems push sailboat build times into the 10-24 month range. Custom designs take longer than production boats.

Performance Yachts

Lightweight, speed-focused performance yachts generally take 12-24 months to complete. Advanced propulsion and hydrodynamics increase build time.

Luxury Superyachts

For large, custom superyachts measuring 80 feet and above, build times start from 24 months and extend to 3 years or more. Their scale and highly customized nature lead to longer construction schedules.

Factors That Impact Yacht Build Time

Many variables influence the time it takes to construct a yacht. The most significant include:

  • Size – Larger yachts require more time, resources, and man hours to build. A 100 foot yacht may take up to twice as long as a 50 foot.
  • Customization – The more customized the yacht, the longer the design, engineering, approvals, and construction take. Production boats are much faster.
  • Materials – Exotic materials like carbon fiber or traditional woods increase source lead times impacting the schedule.
  • Shipyard Capabilities – Large shipyards with experience, facilities, and skilled workers can construct faster than smaller builders.
  • Energy Systems – Complex factors like propulsion, generators, and air conditioning affect timeline.
  • Interior Detail – Elaborate custom interiors with high-end finishes take longer to construct and install.

Careful planning and choosing an experienced shipyard are key to an efficient build.

How Build Time Can Be Reduced

While yacht construction is lengthy, several strategies can help optimize the process:

  • Begin with a clear, finalized design to minimize changes later.
  • Prioritize rapid decision making to avoid delays for owner selections.
  • Choose an established shipyard known for quality workmanship and efficient processes.
  • Consider modular construction where possible to allow parallel work.
  • Closely project manage the schedule, equipment orders, and subcontractors.
  • Plan for contingencies by building in schedule buffer and backups.
  • Ensure the yard has access to skilled workers and modern tooling.

Choosing a Shipyard and Design Team

Partnering with reputable yacht construction professionals is critical to achieving a successful build. Some leading companies in the industry include:

Design Firms

  • Espen Øino International
  • Reymond Langton Design
  • RWD


  • Lürssen
  • Feadship
  • Oceanco
  • Benetti
  • Christensen

Building Your Dream Yacht

Constructing a custom yacht is a complex process that requires extensive planning and coordination. While production boats can be built rapidly in 6-12 months, plan for a minimum of 2 years for a fully custom superyacht. Partner closely with your design and build team and get ready to embark on the rewarding journey of bringing your ideal luxury yacht to life!

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