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Can You Buy a Boat With a VA Loan

can you buy a house with a va loan

VA loans are a popular choice for veterans and military personnel who are looking to buy a home. However, many people may wonder whether they can use a VA loan to purchase other types of property, such as a boat.

Answer: Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no – VA loans cannot be used to purchase boats.

VA Loan Requirments- Boats

One of the requirements that boats fail to meet is that the estate must be classified as real property. This means the property must have a permanent foundation, which unfortunately disqualifies boats from being purchased with a VA loan. Boats, by their nature, are designed to float on water, which means that they cannot be considered real property under VA loan guidelines.

Another requirement that boats do not meet is the VA’s minimum square footage requirement. VA loans require that the property being purchased must have a minimum square footage of living space, which is not typically found on boats.

This makes them an unauthorized property type for VA financing.


If you’re a veteran or military personnel and are looking to purchase a boat, you will not be able to use a VA loan to do so. VA loans have strict property requirements that boats and RVs do not meet. If you’re looking for alternative financing options, consider speaking with a financial advisor or lender specializing in boating loans. With a little research and planning, you should be able to find a loan option that fits your needs and allows you to purchase the boat of your dreams.

Can you buy a House Boat with a VA Loan?

No, you cannot buy a house boat with a VA loan.

Similar to a normal boat listed above, the VA has specific requirements for the type of property that can be purchased with a VA loan, including the requirement for the property to have a permanent foundation.

And since house boats are mobile, they fall outside of the requirements.

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