What Tastes Better Marlin Or Swordfish?

What Tastes Better Marlin Or Swordfish

In our opinion, there is no doubt that Swordfish tastes better than Marlin.  That being said, Marlin and Swordfish are both popular fish types with unique flavors and textures of their own. 

To learn more about the differences between swordfish and marlin, check out our article comparing the two popular game fish.

What Does Marlin Taste Like?

Marlin is a fatty fish with a dense pink flesh that has a noticeably strong taste, but when compared to a Swordfish, it is actually milder.

If you’re looking for a good comparison of the density of a Marlin’s skin, I would say that it’s a lot like Tuna.

Marlin is best-served sashimi style, raw in sushi, or Peruvian style in ceviche.  Learn more about Eating Marlin.  To get the most out of marlin’s flavor, consider taking a sashimi and sushi master class to sharpen those skills.

What Does Swordfish Taste Like?

Swordfish have a lighter flesh color than Marlin and even more fat  (Very oily). It is a significantly more popular fish to eat and can be cooked in many ways, such as grilling, pan-frying, marinating, or sashimi-style. 

Fact:  The most popular method of cooking Swordfish is grilling steaks

TIP: When cooking swordfish, it is important to keep an eye on it to avoid it becoming dry.

Both marlin and swordfish offer unique flavors that can be enjoyed in different ways depending on your preference.

Marlin Vs. Swordfish Taste- Conclusion

  • Flesh:
    • Marlin: Dense, pink, and flaky with a high-fat content
    • Swordfish: Lighter Color with an even higher fat content (Orange if Eating shrimp)
  • Meat: 
    • Marlin: Strong flavor, but less than a Swordfish
    • Swordfish: More flavor than a Marlin

Although we believe Swordfish tastes better than Marlin, Both marlin and swordfish offer unique flavors that can be enjoyed in different ways depending on your preference. 

The truth is that many people might not be able to taste the difference!

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