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What Is A Group of Sharks Called

What Is A Group of Sharks Called

A group of sharks is most commonly called a “Shiver,” but sharks actually have several intriguing collective nouns depending on their behavior.

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Shark Group Names

Sharks exhibit complex social structures, with different species forming groups in various ways:

  • Shiver – Most common term for a shark group, evoking their cold-blooded nature.
  • School – Used when sharks are gathered loosely together while swimming.
  • Frenzy – Describes sharks in active feeding mode, thrashing prey.
  • Herd – Appropriate for sharks gathered in large numbers, like at feeding or breeding sites.
  • Gam – Specifies a group of mature female sharks, like mother hammerheads.
  • Shoal – When sharks are clustered closely together, cruising as a unit.
A video showing a large group of sharks, commonly referred to as a Shiver

Shark Social Behavior

Sharks aren’t the lone wolves of the sea that many assume. Their social habits range widely:

  • Some shark species form complex social groups and hierarchies. For example, lemon sharks develop sophisticated social networks in their nursery grounds.
  • Other sharks are more solitary by nature but may gather in large numbers around resources like food and mates. Bull sharks are an example.
  • A few shark species even hunt cooperatively, like gray reef sharks that corner prey together.
  • Hammerhead sharks exhibit extensive schooling behavior, especially as juveniles seeking safety from predators.

So what is the right name for a group of sharks? It depends on what the sharks are up to! But “shiver” nicely captures their shared cold-blooded killer instincts.

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