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What Are Baby Sharks Called

What Are Baby Sharks Called

A baby shark is commonly called “pups.” Once the mother shark gives birth, the pup is left to fend for itself; there is no nurturing in the shark world. This is why the survival rate for shark pups is often quite low.

Baby sharks are born ready to swim and hunt, and the mother usually delivers them in a safe place, such as a shark nursery, where the water is shallow, warm, and the food supply is plentiful

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Shark Pup Facts:

  • All shark pups are born ready to hunt and avoid predators.
  • Specialized electroreceptive ampullae help newborn pups locate prey.
  • Some pups cannibalize siblings in the womb for early nutrition.

Shark Pup Growth

  • Pups grow rapidly in their first year to improve survival odds.
  • Weight and length increase quickly to give them a boost.

We have a more in-depth article on how sharks mate, but here is a short summary of three main reproductive strategies sharks employ:

Shark Reproductive Strategies

TypeDescriptionExample Species
OviparityEggs are laid and hatch laterHornsharks, swellsharks, zebra sharks
OvoviviparityEggs develop inside the mother with a weak egg caseDogfish, angelsharks, mako sharks
ViviparityMost advanced method, pups connect via umbilical cordGreat whites, bull sharks, hammerheads

From savage cannibals to harmless newborns, shark reproduction strategies are impressive. By any name given, these tiny ocean predators enter the sea fully equipped for life.

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