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Viking 64 Range

viking 64 range

The Viking 64 Convertible is designed with long-range capabilities in mind, allowing for extended trips and offshore fishing adventures. With a standard fuel capacity of 1,850 gallons and an optional upgrade to 2,201 gallons, the Viking 64 can cover significant distances from 449 to 2861 miles at various speeds.

However, the exact range of the yacht will depend on factors such as the chosen engine configuration, load, and sea conditions. To determine the specific range for a particular Viking 64, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or refer to sea trial data.

Viking 64 Range Chart:

Data sourced from Power & Motoryacht.

RPM Knots GPH Range
600 7.8 6 2861
1000 10.6 32 729
1500 22 78 621
2000 34 149 506
2200 37 169 481
2450 41 205 449

During these tests, the sea conditions were calm, the fuel capacity was at 75%, and the water capacity was at 100%.

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