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The Ultimate Guide to Free Fishing Days

free fishing days

Fishing, a beloved pastime for many, offers an unparalleled blend of tranquility, excitement, and connection with nature.

For beginners, the world of fishing can seem a little daunting, with fishing licenses, regulations, and equipment to consider.

That’s where Free Fishing Days come into play, providing the perfect opportunity for novices to experience the joy of fishing without the usual requirements.

Why Participate in Free Fishing Days?

Free Fishing Days are unique opportunities where states allow anglers to fish on public bodies of water without a fishing license.

These events are perfect for beginners to try out fishing for the first time. They also provide an excellent opportunity for experienced anglers to introduce a friend or family member to the sport, sharing their passion and knowledge with others.

Fishing is more than just a fun activity; it’s a chance to learn about our local aquatic ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

It’s also a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, away from the distractions of everyday life. Participating in Free Fishing Days can help nurture a lifelong love for fishing and the outdoors.

Free Fishing Days by State

Each state has its own schedule for Free Fishing Days. Here’s a comprehensive list of when you can fish for free in each state in 2023.

Remember, state laws are subject to change, so be sure to check with your state’s fish and wildlife agency for the most accurate information.

Free Fishing Days 2023
State Free Fishing Days More Information
Alabama June 10 Alabama’s Free Fishing Day
Alaska Year-round for youth anglers 15 and under and anglers 61 and older Alaska’s Free Fishing Days
Arizona June 3 Arizona’s Free Fishing Day
Arkansas June 10-11 Arkansas’s Free Fishing Days
California July 1, September 2 California’s Free Fishing Days
Colorado June 3-4 Colorado’s Free Fishing Days
Connecticut May 13, June 18 Connecticut’s Free Fishing Days
Delaware June 3-4 Delaware’s Free Fishing Days
Florida April 8-9, June 10-11, September 2, November 25 Florida’s Free Fishing Days
Georgia June 5, June 12, September 23 Georgia’s Free Fishing Days
Oklahoma June 3-4 Oklahoma’s Free Fishing Days


In Alabama, the Free Fishing Day falls on the second Saturday in June. In 2023, this will be on June 10th. This day provides a fantastic opportunity for residents and visitors alike to experience the joy of fishing in Alabama’s diverse water bodies without the need for a fishing license. For more information, check out Alabama’s Free Fishing Day.


Alaska offers a unique opportunity where youth anglers 15 and under and anglers 61 and older can fish for free year-round. This initiative encourages the younger generation to learn about fishing and promotes active lifestyles among older residents. Learn more about Alaska’s Free Fishing Days.


Arizona’s Free Fishing Day is on the first Saturday in June. In 2023, this will be June 3rd. This day is a great chance to explore Arizona’s beautiful lakes and rivers, teeming with a variety of fish species. For more details, visit Arizona’s Free Fishing Day.


In Arkansas, the Free Fishing Days are on the second full weekend in June. In 2023, this will be June 10-11. These days offer a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy fishing in Arkansas’s abundant waterways. Find out more about Arkansas’s Free Fishing Days.


California offers two Free Fishing Days, one on July 1st and another on September 2nd, 2023. These days are perfect for experiencing the thrill of fishing in California’s diverse marine and freshwater environments. For more information, check out California’s Free Fishing Days.


Colorado celebrates Free Fishing Days on June 3-4, 2023. These days offer an excellent opportunity for anglers to enjoy the state’s stunning lakes and rivers, home to a diverse range of fish species. For more details, visit Colorado’s Free Fishing Days.


Connecticut offers two Free Fishing Days on Saturday, May 13, and June 18, 2023. These days provide a great chance for residents and visitors to enjoy fishing in Connecticut’s beautiful water bodies. Learn more about Connecticut’s Free Fishing Days.


Delaware’s Free Fishing Days fall on the first full weekend of June, which will be June 3-4, 2023. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fishing in Delaware’s rich and diverse waterways. Find out more about Delaware’s Free Fishing Days.


Florida offers multiple Free Fishing Days throughout the year. In 2023, these will be on the first consecutive Saturday and Sunday in April for fresh water, the second consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June for freshwater and saltwater, the first Saturday in September for saltwater, and the Saturday following Thanksgiving for saltwater. For more information, check out Florida’s Free Fishing Days.


In Georgia, Free Fishing Days are on June 5 and June 12, with National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 23, 2023. These days provide a great opportunity to enjoy fishing in Georgia’s abundant lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Learn more about Georgia’s Free Fishing Days.

How to Make the Most of Free Fishing Days

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a complete beginner, Free Fishing Days are a fantastic opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the sport of fishing. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these days:

  1. Plan Ahead: Check the dates for your state’s Free Fishing Days and mark them on your calendar. Research the best fishing spots in your area and decide where you want to go.
  2. Get the Right Gear: While you don’t need a license on Free Fishing Days, you still need the right equipment. This includes a fishing rod, bait, and other essentials. Some states even offer free or low-cost equipment rentals these days.
  3. Learn Basic Techniques: If you’re new to fishing, take some time to learn the basics before you go. This includes how to cast your line, how to bait your hook, and how to reel in a fish. Learning when it’s free is probably the best time to learn!
  4. Follow Regulations: Even on Free Fishing Days, there are still fishing regulations and laws that must be followed, or fishing won’t be free for very long! This includes size and catch limits, as well as rules about where you can fish and what species are in season.
  5. Have Fun!: Most importantly, remember to have fun. Fishing is about more than just catching fish; it’s about enjoying nature, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing.

Beyond Free Fishing Days: Getting Your Fishing License

If you find that you love fishing after participating in Free Fishing Days, you might want to consider getting a fishing license. This will allow you to fish year-round and support conservation efforts in your state. For more information on how to get a fishing license, check out Take Me Fishing’s Guide to Fishing Licenses.


Free Fishing Days offer a unique opportunity to explore the joys of fishing without the need for a fishing license. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a complete beginner, these days provide a chance to enjoy nature, learn new skills, and spend quality time with loved ones. So mark your calendar, gather your gear, and get ready to cast your line!

Remember, while Free Fishing Days are a great opportunity to fish without a license, it’s always important to follow all fishing regulations and respect the environment. If you find that you love fishing, consider getting a fishing license to enjoy this pastime year-round and support conservation efforts in your state.

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