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Starlink Maritime

Starlink Maritime

In the vast expanse of the ocean, staying connected to the rest of the world has always been a challenge for sailors and fishermen. But now, a new technology is revolutionizing maritime communication: Starlink Maritime, a satellite internet service designed specifically for boats, ships, and other water transportation.

Starlink Maritime is a product of Elon Musk’s ambitious Starlink project, aiming to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity across the globe. For sailors and fishermen who routinely travel out of cell phone range, this technology is a game-changer, offering a lifeline to home or work while they’re at sea.

Key Features of Starlink Maritime

  • Global maritime coverage
  • Speeds up to 220 Mbps
  • Starting at $250 per month
  • One-time hardware cost of $2,500
  • An investment in safety, communication, and convenience

Can Starlink RV Be Used on a Boat?

While Starlink RV (ROAM) can technically be used on stationary boats, it is not optimized for maritime use. The standard RV kit lacks the specialized antenna and global coverage of Starlink Maritime.

Using Starlink RV on a moving boat violates the terms of service and may void the warranty.

However, some users have success with Starlink RV while docked or anchored as a more affordable internet option. For offshore use, Starlink Maritime is better suited despite higher costs.

Overall, Starlink RV has limitations on boats and should be used cautiously. Key points are it works best stationary, violates terms of service, has signal issues offshore, and lacks features of Starlink Maritime.

Key Points to Consider When Using Starlink RV on a Boat:

  • Works best when stationary (at dock or anchor)
  • More affordable than Starlink Maritime
  • Violates terms of service – may void warranty
  • Not optimized for maritime use
  • Issues with offshore signal strength
  • Lacks global coverage of Starlink Maritime
  • Use with caution given limitations

Setting Up Starlink Maritime

Setting up Starlink Maritime requires:

  • Purchasing the antenna, modem, and installation kit
  • Finding creative mounting solutions like on a bimini
  • Ensuring a clear view of the sky

| Equipment Options | |-|-|
| Maritime Antenna | | Maritime Modem | | Mounting Kit |


The benefits of Starlink Maritime include:

  • Improved safety
    • Real-time weather and ocean data
    • Access to emergency services
    • Enhanced communication
  • Cost savings
    • Eliminates need for satellite TV contracts

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Signal strength challenges
  • Issues when multiple yachts are using it simultaneously
  • Compatibility with existing systems

Data Caps and Overage Charges

PlanData CapOverage Charge


Despite limitations, Starlink Maritime represents a huge leap forward for maritime communication. It promises to make life at sea safer, more connected, and more enjoyable for sailors and fishermen around the world.

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