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Salt Gone Vs. Salt Away

When it comes to maintaining your boat, especially after a day in the ocean, getting the salt water off the boat is probably the number one priority because corrosion begins immediately!

Two popular products that aim to combat this issue are Salt Gone and Salt Away. This article will provide a review of these products based on the experiences and opinions of boaters from online forums.

Product Comparison:

1. Salt Away

Salt Away has been praised for its effectiveness in removing salt from boats. Here are some key points:

  • Effectiveness: Users have reported that Salt Away is effective at removing salt from their boats.
  • Dispenser: Some users have reported that the Salt Away dispensers tend to break easily.
  • Impact on Wax: Some users have found that Salt Away removes the wax from their boats. However, several users have reported that their boats still bead water effectively after using Salt Away, even without waxing for extended periods.

2. Salt Gone

Salt Gone has been recommended for its ability to remove salt without affecting the wax on boats. Here are some key points:

  • Effectiveness: Users have praised Salt Gone’s effectiveness at removing salt, especially on engines that tend to develop a lot of salt buildup.
  • Impact on Wax: Salt Gone is pH neutral, which means it won’t “eat” away at the protective layer of wax on your boat.
  • Price: Some users have found Salt Gone to be quite expensive.


Both Salt Away and Salt Gone have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a summary table:

Salt AwaySalt Gone
Dispenser QualityLowN/A
Impact on WaxRemoves WaxDoes not affect Wax


Ultimately, the choice between Salt Gone and Salt Away will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s recommended to try both products to see which one works best for your boat. Remember, the key to maintaining your boat’s longevity is regular cleaning and maintenance, and using a product to remove salt after each outing is a crucial part of this process.

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