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Marlin Fishing in the Virgin Islands

Marlin Fishing in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is yet another one of the best Marlin Fishing destinations in the world.

The region’s unique geographical features, particularly the North Drop (AKA The Puerto Rican Trench), make it a hotspot for catching and releasing giant Blue Marlin.

The North Drop: A Renowned Spot for Marlin Fishing

the north drop
the north drop

The North Drop, located about 20 miles north of St. Thomas, is a renowned spot for blue marlin fishing. This area is situated on the southeastern side of the Puerto Rico Trench, the second deepest trench on earth.

The unique geographical features of the North Drop, where the Puerto Rico Trench takes a 90-degree turn to the north, create an ideal environment for marlin and the bait they love eating.

Cold water from the depths of the ocean floor circulates in this area, bringing plankton and small baitfish to the surface. This abundance of baitfish attracts larger pelagic fish such as the majestic blue marlin, making the North Drop an angler’s paradise.

Tip: If you hook a Marlin in the Virgin Islands, do your best to keep it out of shallow water. These waters are teaming with sharks that prefer staying out of the deeper waters.

Best Seasons for Marlin Fishing In the Virgin Islands

Best Seasons for Marlin Fishing In the Virgin Islands
Best Seasons for Marlin Fishing In the Virgin Islands

The best season for blue marlin fishing in the North Drop is from May to October, with the peak months being July to October. However, the North Drop is not just about blue marlin. White marlin can also be found in the area, with the peak season occurring during spring.

The consistent bite and the exciting challenge of catching marlin in this area are some of the main reasons why the North Drop is popular among anglers.

Marlin Fishing Charters in the Virgin Islands

For those planning a marlin fishing trip in the Virgin Islands, numerous marlin fishing charters are available. These charters come with experienced captains and crews who can guide you to the best spots for marlin fishing.

Full-day trips usually focus on marlin fishing, with trips typically scheduled from 8 AM to 4 PM. Half-day trips, on the other hand, focus on inshore fishing and are scheduled from 8 AM to 12 Noon and 1 PM to 5 PM.

Fishing Charter List in The Virgin Islands:

Adhering to Local Regulations

While recreational fishing in the North Drop, which is part of the Virgin Islands, does not require a fishing permit according to the current fishing regulations, it is still crucial to practice responsible fishing techniques and adhere to local regulations.

These regulations include species and size limits, catch limits, and protected areas. For example, in the Virgin Islands, tarpon and bonefish fishing are restricted to catch and release with hook and line only, and spearfishing is prohibited.

Additionally, there are restrictions on the taking or possession of certain species, such as Nassau grouper and Goliath grouper, within the territorial waters.


In summary, marlin fishing in the Virgin Islands, particularly in the North Drop, is an exciting and rewarding experience for anglers. The region’s unique geographical features and rich marine life make it a must-visit destination for marlin fishing. However, it is essential to be aware of local regulations and practice responsible fishing techniques to protect the marine environment and ensure the sustainability of marlin populations.

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