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How to Register a Boat Trailer in Florida

How to Register a Boat Trailer in Florida

If you bought or are buying a boat in the Sunshine State, understanding how to register a boat trailer in Florida is crucial.

While seemingly complex, this process can be simplified with the right information. This article will guide you through the steps, costs, and necessary documents for registering your boat trailer in Florida.

Where to Register

Firstly, where can you register a boat trailer in Florida? The answer is simple: at a county tax collector or license plate office. These offices are equipped to handle your registration needs and guide you through the process.

Registration Fees

The registration fees for boat trailers in Florida are primarily based on the empty weight of the trailer.

If your boat trailer weighs under 2,000 pounds, it does not require a title, making the process even simpler.

Cost To Register a Boat Trailer in Florida:

Trailer Use and WeightCost
Trailers for private use (under 500 lbs)$6.75
Trailers for private use (over 500 lbs)$3.50
Florida Trailer Registration Fees

However, the exact registration fees are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. For a more precise estimate, you can refer to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, which lists the registration fees for motor vehicles. Do note that additional service fees may apply, such as a $6.25 service fee for credentials issued in a tax collector’s office.

Required Documents

Now, let’s delve into the documents required to register a boat trailer in Florida.

For New Trailers

If you’ve bought a brand-new trailer, you’ll need to provide a manufacturer’s statement of origin and a bill of sale or invoice from the seller.

For Used Trailers

For used trailers currently registered in Florida, a bill of sale or the previous owner’s registration is required.

The bill of sale must list the Trailer Identification Number or the trailer’s license plate number.

If the used trailer were never registered in Florida, you would need to provide a bill of sale or an out-of-state title registration signed by the previous owner. In such cases, a weight slip must be presented unless the weight is listed on the title or registration.

Penalties for Non-Registration

Lastly, it’s essential to understand the penalties for not registering a boat trailer in Florida in case you decide you’re too busy to be registering trailers…..

Operating an unregistered boat trailer after 30 days of purchase is considered a second-degree misdemeanor. This offense can lead to up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.

Therefore, it’s crucial to register your boat trailer within 30 days of purchase to avoid these penalties.


  • Does a Boat Trailer Need a License Plate in Florida?

    Yes, in Florida, trailers are considered motor vehicles and are therefore required by law to be registered and have their own license plate.

  • How Do I Register a Boat Trailer in Florida Without a Registration?

    If the trailer you bought does not have a previous registration or you are unable to get one, you must write and sign an affidavit that the trailer has never been titled or registered in any state, and then you must have the trailer weighed. There is an affidavit section on the state form HSMV 82050 Notice of Sale/Bill of Sale that you can use if you need to do this.


In conclusion, registering a boat trailer in Florida is a straightforward process if you have the right information and documents. Ensure you register your trailer promptly to enjoy your boating adventures without any legal hitches.

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