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How Much To Wrap A Boat – Complete Pricing Guide

How Much To Wrap A Boat

Wrapping your boat in vinyl is an affordable way to give your vessel a brand new look while protecting the hull from damage. But how much should you expect to spend on a boat wrap?

The cost depends on several factors, including the size of your boat, the complexity of the design, and whether you hire a professional or DIY. This comprehensive guide breaks down the key considerations for your boat wrap budget.

Boat Size Matters

The first major factor affecting boat wrap cost is the size of your vessel. More surface area to cover means you’ll need more vinyl wrap material. Here’s a rough estimate on how boat length impacts wrapping prices:

Boat LengthCost Range
12-16 feet$800-$1,200
16-20 feet$1,000-$1,500
20-24 feet$1,200-$1,800
24-35 feet$1,800-$3,500
35-45+ feet$3,500-$6,000+

Boats over 50 feet, like yachts and sailboats, may cost $8,000 or more to wrap due to their large surface area.

Vinyl Wrap Design

A basic solid color wrap tends to be the most affordable option, starting around $50 per linear foot. Complex designs with graphics, patterns, and custom colors may range from $75-$100 per linear foot. The intricacy of the wrap design has a direct impact on the installation time and material cost.

Here are average prices based on wrap design complexity:

  • Solid color wrap: $50-$75 per linear foot
  • Partial wrap with stripes/panels: $60-$85 per linear foot
  • Detailed graphics/patterns: $75-$100+ per linear foot

DIY vs Professional Installation

Installing a vinyl wrap requires meticulous technique to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. Hiring a professional wrap shop will ensure flawless results but also adds to the project cost.

DIY wraps only require purchasing the vinyl materials, which can save you 50% or more compared to pro installation. However, imperfect installations won’t last as long and may need redoing sooner.

  • Professional installation: Adds 40%-50% to the total project cost
  • DIY installation: Vinyl material cost only

Consider your skill level before deciding between DIY vs pro wrap installation.

Additional Factors

Other considerations that influence the total wrap price include:

  • Boat condition – Surface prep like cleaning, sanding, and paint removal may add hourly labor fees if the boat surface requires extra work beforehand.
  • Accessories – Add-ons like color change wraps for engines, bimini tops, and trailers can increase the amount of vinyl needed.
  • Geographic location – Wrap shop labor rates vary based on where you live. Urban shops may charge more than rural areas.
  • Rush processing – Requesting faster turnaround times often results in rush order fees.
  • Permits – Certain locations require permits for boat wrapping that can add permitting costs.

Typical Boat Wrap Prices

Along with size, the type of boat determines the wrapping costs due to unique shape and styling. Here are typical price ranges:

Boat TypePrice Range
Bay boat$1,500-$2,500
Center console boat$2,000-$4,000
Pontoon boat$1,000-$3,000
Jon boat$800-$1,500
Bass boat$2,500-$4,500

High-end performance boats like offshore racing vessels can cost upwards of $10,000 or more to wrap due to their complex designs.

How Long Do Boat Wraps Last?

With proper application and care, a quality vinyl wrap can last 4-7 years exposed to sun, water, and weather conditions. Avoiding abrasions from docks and debris will help extend the wrap’s lifespan.

Many wrap materials come with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer against cracking, peeling, and degrading. Just be sure to use vinyl designed specifically for marine uses.

Protecting and Maintaining Boat Wraps

Once installed, keep your boat wrap looking pristine by:

  • Rinsing with clean water after each use
  • Avoiding harsh cleaners and abrasive brushes
  • Not using wax or conditioners not approved for vinyl
  • Storing under a boat cover when not in use
  • Having small repairs done quickly to avoid bigger problems


The cost to wrap your boat ranges widely based on the factors above. The best way to get an accurate price estimate is to get quotes from multiple local wrap providers.

Provide them with your boat make and model, your vision for the wrap design, and whether you’ll need installation services. Compare their pricing and options to find the best value boat wrap for your watercraft.

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