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How Much To Tip A Fishing Charter

how much to tip a fishing charter

What is the appropriate tip for a fishing charter?

The general rule of thumb is to tip a fishing charter between 15-20% of the total cost of the trip. However, this can vary based on several factors that are really no different than standard tipping guidelines in any service industry.

If the crew provided exceptional service, you might consider tipping more. On the other hand, if the service is not up to par, it’s okay to tip less.

Remember, tipping is a personal decision that should reflect the quality of service you received and your satisfaction with the experience.

Factors in considering how much to tip a charter fishing crew

When determining how much to tip, consider the following factors:

  • Size of your group: The number of people participating in the charter can influence the tip amount. Larger groups may require more work from the crew, which should be reflected in the tip.
  • Length of the trip: Longer trips often mean more work for the crew, from preparation to ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey.
  • Level of service provided: Did the crew go above and beyond to make your trip special? Exceptional service often warrants a higher tip.
  • The success of the trip: While the crew can’t control the fish, a successful trip where everyone catches something could be a factor in a higher tip; however, it should not mean a lower tip!
  • Your budget: Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with the amount you’re tipping. If your budget allows for a generous tip and you feel the service was exceptional, feel free to tip accordingly.

Charter Fishing Guidance

  • Always tip in cash
  • Always give your cash to the Captain. The crew likely has an arrangement for how tips are handled, and you do not want to circumvent that.

Quick reference chart for what to tip your charter:

Example Tip Amounts for Fishing Charters
Charter Cost 15% Tip 20% Tip
$500 $75 $100
$1000 $150 $200
$1500 $225 $300
$2000 $300 $400
These are example tip amounts based on a 15% and 20% tip rate. They are to be used as a guide and actual tip amounts may vary based on service, success of the trip, and other factors.

The Importance of Tipping

Tipping is a customary practice in any service industry, and fishing charters are no exception.

The tradition of tipping dates back to ancient times and is a way to show gratitude for a job well done. Fishing charter crews work hard (VERY HARD) to ensure their clients have a successful and enjoyable trip.

Many crew members work for low wages and rely heavily on tips to make a living.

Tipping can also help build a good relationship with your crew, potentially leading to better service and future discounts.

How are tips split on a charter boat?

Generally, tips are divided equally among the crew; however, I have seen some crews that have specific arrangments where the first mate actually gets more than the captain. Another example of a crewmember that might get more or less than usual is someone that is filling in for a missing crewmember.


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