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Do Boats Have Wheels

Do Boats Have Wheels

Boats are designed to travel on water, not land. So do boats have wheels like cars and other land vehicles? The short answer is no, boats do not have wheels that allow them to drive on land. However, some boats do have specialized wheel mechanisms for certain functions.

Types of Boats That May Have Wheels

While most boats rely on propellers or sails to move through the water, there are a few types of boats that utilize wheels:

Amphibious Boats

  • These boats are made to operate on both land and water. They have deployable wheels that allow them to be driven directly from land into the water.
  • The wheels retract once the boat is afloat, and propellers provide propulsion.


  • Large houseboats may have wheels underneath to allow for movement when docked on shore. The wheels assist in positioning the boat.
  • In the water, houseboats rely on propeller drives or thrusters to propel themselves. The wheels do not contact the water.

Trailerable Boats

  • Some smaller boats are designed to be transported by trailer. The trailer has wheels that allow the boat to be towed behind a vehicle and launched from boat ramps.
  • Once in the water, the trailer wheels serve no purpose in propelling the boat – it uses its propeller and rudder.

Steering Wheels on Boats

While boats do not have drivable wheels, most boats do have a steering wheel. This functions as part of the steering system to turn the rudder and navigate the boat.

Some key facts about boat steering wheels:

  • The proper term is a “helmsman’s wheel”. This comes from its original use in steering a ship’s rudder.
  • Steering wheels are common on sailboats, motorboats, yachts, and cruise ships.
  • Turning the wheel rotates the rudder via hydraulic lines or cables. This steers the boat.
  • Regular maintenance is required to keep steering components in good condition.

Common Misconceptions

There are some common misconceptions about boat wheels:

  • The steering wheel is not always centered on the boat. Placement depends on design.
  • Not all boats have steering wheels. Small rowboats or kayaks often have no steering system.
  • The steering wheel does not function like a car wheel. Boats pivot differently due to being buoyant.


While some specialized boats have wheel mechanisms for transportation or docking, most boats rely on propulsion systems like propellers to move through the water. They are not designed to be driven on land with wheels like a car. The steering wheel on a boat functions to turn the rudder and navigate the vessel.

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