Best Moon Phase For Marlin Fishing

best moon phases for marlin fishing

One factor that many anglers consider when fishing for marlin is when the best moon phase for marlin fishing is.

But does the moon phase really affect marlin fishing, and if so, how? Let’s dive into the lunar mystery and discover the best and worst moon phases for marlin fishing.

The Lunar Influence on Marlin Fishing

The moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, which in turn influences the behavior of fish, including marlin. The strongest tides occur during the new moon and full moon periods, which many anglers consider the best times for fishing.

The Best Moon Phases for Marlin Fishing

Moon Phases for Marlin Fishing
Best Phases Half Moon and Lead Up to Full Moon
Why – Increased water movement during half moon and days leading up to full moon stirs up nutrients and attracts baitfish, which in turn attract marlin.
– Tide fluctuations trap baitfish around structures, providing easy targets for marlin.
Worst Phases Full Moon and Its Aftermath
Why During full moon, marlin eat all night and are less interested in lures or bait in the morning due to being full.
Specific Days – Best Fishing Day: 3 days before the full moon, when tides get stronger and marlin start congregating around structures.
– Worst Fishing Day: Day after the full moon, when marlin are likely full from feasting.

When it comes to marlin fishing, not all moon phases are created equal.

According to various fishing experts, the half-moon phase is one of the most productive times for marlin fishing. This is also true for the period leading up to the full moon.

For about a week leading up to the full moon, higher-than-normal water movement and massive tide fluctuations occur, which cause marlin to congregate around structures, making them easier to target.

Here’s a quick breakdown of why this happens:

  • Increased Water Movement: The moon’s gravitational pull is stronger during the half-moon phase and the days leading up to the full moon. This results in higher tides and stronger currents, which stir up nutrients and attract baitfish, which in turn attract marlin.
  • Tide Fluctuations: The changing tides can trap baitfish in certain areas, especially around structures. As opportunistic predators, Marlin takes advantage of this and congregates in these areas.

The Worst Moon Phases for Marlin Fishing

On the flip side, the week of the full moon, generally from about three days before to four days after, is considered to have a less active bite.

This might seem counterintuitive, given that the full moon also results in strong tides. However, the reason for this has more to do with the behavior of the marlin than the tides themselves.

During a cloudless night around the full moon, marlin can see all the bait highlighted against the bright sky from below.

As a result, they eat all night and are so full come morning that they show little interest in lures or bait. It’s like going to a buffet dinner and being offered breakfast immediately afterward. Chances are, you’re not going to be very interested!

Specific Days To Fish Around The Moon Phases

When it comes to marlin fishing, timing can be everything. According to some experts, the best fishing day is three days before the full moon.

This is when the tides start to get stronger, and the marlin begin to congregate around structures.

Conversely, the worst fishing day is often the day after the full moon. This is when the marlin will likely be full from a night of feasting and less interested in your bait.

However, it’s important to note that these are general trends and may not hold true in all situations or locations.

Different regions may have different patterns due to local conditions and the specific behavior of the marlin population. As with all fishing, a degree of trial and error, observation, and local knowledge is essential.

Marlin Fishing Around the Moon Phases: Top Locations Worldwide

St. Thomas: Caribbean Marlin Magic

St. Thomas, nestled in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a marlin fishing paradise. The azure Caribbean waters teem with blue marlin, especially during the summer months.

Anglers here have noticed a pattern: Marlin activity tends to peak during the half-moon phase and the period leading up to the full moon. So, if you’re planning a marlin fishing adventure in St. Thomas, you might want to check the lunar calendar!

Kona, Hawaii: Pacific Blue Marlin Bonanza

Over in the Pacific, Kona, Hawaii, is a legendary marlin fishing hotspot. Here, the period leading up to the full moon is particularly exciting.

For about nine days before the full moon, the blue marlin in Kona’s waters tend to congregate around underwater structures.


The stronger water movement and tide fluctuations during this period draw baitfish to these areas, and where there’s baitfish, there’s marlin!

The Bahamas: Atlantic Marlin Extravaganza

With its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, the Bahamas is another marlin fishing gem.

While the specific lunar patterns of marlin in Bahamian waters might not be as well-documented, the general consensus among anglers is that the half-moon phase and the days leading up to the full moon are the most productive.

So, whether you’re exploring the deep waters off Nassau or the vibrant reefs around the Out Islands, keep an eye on the moon!

Other Top Marlin Fishing Locations

While St. Thomas, Kona, and the Bahamas are fantastic marlin fishing destinations, they’re far from the only ones.

Other top locations include Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where the week before and leading up to the full moon is eagerly anticipated for blue and black marlin fishing. In Australia, the moon phase doesn’t matter as much due to the ability to move with the bite. And in Brazil, the best time to fish for marlin is around a crescent moon.


Remember, while the moon phase can play a significant role in marlin fishing, it’s just one of many factors to consider. Weather, water temperature, and baitfish availability still have a significant impact on if Marlin will be around and if they are biting, which are always two separate things.

So, keep an eye on the moon, but don’t forget to consider the bigger picture. Happy fishing!

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