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Best Moon Phase For Marlin Fishing

best moon phases for marlin fishing

The moon phase can significantly impact marlin fishing success. But what exactly is the best moon phase for marlin fishing? Here’s a breakdown of how the moon influences marlin and when the prime fishing times are.

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Moon Phase Calendar for Marlin Fishing

Moon PhaseDurationFishing QualityTips
New Moon2-3 daysFairCheck tide charts
Waxing Crescent5-6 daysGoodFish mornings
First Quarter2-3 daysExcellentFish sunrise/sunset
Waxing Gibbous5-6 daysExcellentFish structure edges
Full Moon2-3 daysPoorAvoid overnight feeding times
Waning Gibbous5-6 daysGoodTry various depths
Last Quarter2-3 daysFairFollow baitfish activity
Waning Crescent5-6 daysGoodTarget drop-offs and ledges

Why the Moon Phase Matters

The moon’s gravitational pull affects tides and currents. This influences baitfish and marlin movement:

  • Stronger tides during full and new moons stir up food sources, attracting more baitfish.
  • Marlin congregate around structures during tide fluctuations to ambush trapped baitfish.
  • Bright moonlight on full moon nights enables marlin to feast heavily at night.

The Best Moon Phases

Half moon and lead up to full moon are generally considered the best:

  • Increased water movement stirs up nutrients and attracts baitfish.
  • Tide fluctuations make baitfish easy targets around structures.
  • Marlin are actively feeding rather than lethargic from full moon feasting.

The Worst Moon Phase

The full moon is typically the worst for marlin fishing:

  • Marlin gorge themselves all night under the bright moonlight.
  • By morning, marlin are full and show little interest in lures or bait.

Best Fishing Days

  • 3 days before full moon – Peak tide movement, marlin congregate near structures.
  • Day after full moon – Marlin still digesting their feast, low activity.

Top Marlin Fishing Locations by Moon Phase

LocationBest Moon PhaseWhy
St. ThomasHalf & lead up to fullIncreased currents attract baitfish
Kona, HawaiiBefore full moonMarlin gather around structures
BahamasHalf & lead up to fullOptimal currents and baitfish availability

In Summary

Pay attention to the moon, but also consider weather, water conditions, and other factors. While moon phase is important for marlin, timing your trip requires looking at the big picture.

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