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Boat Bill of Sale

Boat Bill of Sale

A boat bill of sale is an essential document if you are about to buy or sell a boat. A Bill of Sale serves as proof of ownership and helps to protect both the buyer and the seller in case of any disputes or legal issues.

In this blog post, we will cover the importance of a boat bill of sale, provide tips for filling it out correctly and provide you with a free downloadable PDF sample that you can use when buying or selling a boat.

Why is a boat bill of sale important?

  1. Proof of ownership: A boat bill of sale establishes the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. This is crucial for registering the boat under the new owner’s name and obtaining necessary permits and licenses.
  2. Legal protection: A well-drafted bill of sale helps to protect both parties in case of disputes, fraud, or other legal issues. It provides a clear record of the transaction, including the price, payment terms, and any additional conditions.
  3. Tax purposes: The bill of sale may be required for tax purposes, as it contains information about the sales price, which may be subject to taxes in some jurisdictions.

Tips for filling out a boat bill of sale:

  1. Provide accurate information: Ensure that all information provided on the bill of sale is accurate, including the boat’s make, model, year, hull identification number (HIN), and any other identifying details.
  2. Include a detailed description: In addition to basic information, it’s essential to include a detailed description of the boat’s condition and any included accessories or equipment.
  3. Specify the sales price: Clearly state the agreed-upon sales price, as well as any deposit or down payment made. This helps to avoid any confusion or disputes later on.
  4. Include payment terms: Specify the terms of payment, such as whether the full amount is due upon signing or if there is a payment plan in place.
  5. Note any warranties or guarantees: If the seller is offering any warranties or guarantees on the boat, these should be clearly stated in the bill of sale.
  6. Mention any liens or encumbrances: If the boat has any outstanding liens or encumbrances, these should be disclosed in the bill of sale, along with a plan for how they will be addressed.
  7. Signatures and dates: Both the buyer and the seller should sign and date the bill of sale, ideally in the presence of a witness or notary public. This will help to ensure the document’s legality and validity.

Printable Boat Bill of Sale

To make the process of buying or selling a boat easier, we’ve created a free, downloadable Boat Bill of Sale PDF. Simply click the link below to download the file, and you can use it as a template for your own transaction.


A boat bill of sale is a critical document when buying or selling a boat. By following the tips provided in this blog post and using our free downloadable PDF sample, you can ensure a smooth and legally secure transaction. Remember that the bill of sale serves as proof of ownership and offers legal protection for both the buyer and the seller.

Don’t forget to keep a copy of the signed bill of sale for your records and use it to register the boat under the new owner’s name. Happy boating!


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